Friday bargain bet ?

  • I'm on a bit of a run this week on single match day predictions for the midfield market.
    What odds on 3/3 after Guilavogui and Odergaard......

    Well there's the obvious first come Friday night.

    Filip Kostic - After a bit of flu recently he could still be a little under the weather,, more importantly (after being annihilated in Europe by an arsenal youth team player) they need a performance in Portugal on Thursday. He was rested recently due to fixture congestion so I'm not convinced he starts, besides he's had a rise and he's pricey by comparison.

    Santi Cazorla - Surely he can't win another dividend at 53 years of age against a decent Betis side. It wasn't all that long ago that he couldn't even play consecutive games, let alone bring home dividends twice weekly. I'd be less surprised to see him limp off after 30 mins.

    Sergio Canales - I rate Canales, he's currently playing really well, he's building a good understanding with Fekir and they share set piece duties. A good game for Betis and he's usually very much involved. Price is about right I'd say, but this is no easy away fixture.

    I don't own any of the above.
    Instead I've chosen a sub 50p bargain, a great signing, emerging as a leader in the team and guaranteed a start due to European suspension on Thursday.

    My Friday favorite to make it three out of three (2 gives me pumping rights).
    Dominik Kohr (currently trading @ 34p) A bargain .

  • I'm on Cazorla of those three.
    I looked at Kohr but just don't see it tbh.
    He's subbed and/or booked (even sent off too) virtually every game.
    He doesn't score or assist much at all and his top PB score this season is 95.

    Why him?

  • Albiol is my only hold playing after selling Andre Silva today, Albiol's had a few PB wins in the past and has a high average score, only 3 or 4p above his IPO so not much risk.

  • @C-Arroyo Moi Gomez for 60p, 2 goals and 1 assist in 6, has started all games bar against Barca and saw a drop after the game because of this. Better outcome personally for holders as feel he will start tomorrow, they were clearly saving their best player for Betis 😉

  • @dean73

    For a start I think his price makes him low risk. A lot more room to move up, as opposed to down.
    I'll debate the points issue as well as goal/assist potential.
    I first work on the following IPD basis - Cost to flip 9/10 times over the season 70p per share. Number of goals/assists required to make profit - 7 (combined).
    That's a bet I'm happy to take, particularly with Frankfurt in the Europa.

    He's one of a decreasing number of players I'd consider routinely flipping on FI.

    However I'd be equally content to hold long term.
    I think Frankfurt have reinvested their forward sell off money wisely, in three quality players who will be the foundation on which to build. Trapp, Hinteregger and Kohr. A committed and trusted spine around which the rest play.
    He's no Gelson Fernandez though Kohr. He demands possession, drives his team forward and does have a hunger for key passes, late runs and shots at goal. At this level and in this team, Kohr is a key player and will influence games.

    I have bet he will influence Fridays game against Hertha, yes he's received yellow cards, two against Arsenal...why is he getting booked ? He's not being over run, it's more about his exuberance . That's essentially why.
    He tried too hard against Arsenal, got himself suspended, he will feel as though he's let down his team, he can make up for that with a big game in Berlin. I think he will be the most determined player tomorrow, with a little reluctance to fly into tackles and a mindset to show the other more positive aspects of his game.

    Injury to Rode dictates a likely start for Fernandez who is essentially a screen for the back four. So Kohr will have license to get into advanced positions and Union Berlin are not exactly Liverpool when it comes to shutting out the opposition.
    Kohr is the player I've felt most confident about this week.
    I am surprised there's not been movement - I have a tidy profit ready to cash on Sow.
    Looks like I'll be going into the game with only Kohr. ...and probably Big Bas., who'll play once this week.

  • @C-Arroyo I see, fair enough.
    I'm on Hinteregger myself. Frankfurt play twice on single match days, plus the Europa plus he'll be playing for Austria v Israel. Already has gwg on Matchday 1 and a PB score of 204 in the 6-0 win over Latvia the other week.
    I may have a nibble on Kohr now too :)

  • @NallyCat

    I'm not falling for his "I'm joining a new club, fresh start, I'll be great and score lots of goals" false dawns any more.
    He's consistently crap.
    Now if I'm managing either Frankfurt or Portugal I'm thinking...Paciencia is better, we need an IPO on Kamada too. He'd be my first choice partner for Gonzo.
    I'm a tight git so hopefully it'll be Bas Dost sorta prices and it won't happen while I'm making coffee.
    Albiol vs Fekir eh.....He could shut him out and they could both win a div.
    Good shout, the middle player in the Frankfurt 3 is ruled out as an opta mid, Mandi and Bartra are playing like a pair of big girls. Albiol is a sure rival for my big Austrian - I'll give it up to the old man.
    Still....I was talking about my run on the mid market and I'm still going for Kohr.
    Cazorla turns 54 on Saturday and his mind will be on cake.

  • @dean73

    I think he would have improved 3 of the top six sides right away Hinteregger.
    4 with the Laporte injury.
    I'd say he's CL quality all day, top drawer. Frankfurt did good business.

    Then they got into business with AC Milan and f*** s*** right up !
    Silva equals no CL qualification. Time and time again he proves it.
    I'd say no if I was scouting for Paderborn.

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