Conviction in your selections will bring you sucess (aimed at newcomers)

  • Joined FI in June this year and the best advice I can give anyone especially newcomers who join this amazing platform is to back your own judgement on player purchases no matter what.

    Not really having a clue on what I was doing when I first joined I quickly seeked helped on social medai, and on this forum especially. I quickly realised I din't have the budget to buy the players I would like so I had to come up with a strategy that worked for me.

    It became apparent to me that that defenders had the best value to suit my strategy which involved buying a reasonable amount of shares in a player. I started a thread which might be of use to some newbies to read through.

    My portfolio was showing a heavy bias towards defenders especially full/wing backs as I believed they had more chance of scoring or assisting than most centre backs. I also now believe with the change of the scoring matrix full/wing backs benefit more than most.

    Tonight my conviction has been rewarded with Hugo Mallo winning best defender with a PB score of 217 which incidentally was scored with his team not winning and no clean sheet. He did assist the equalsing though.

    I bought Mallo at 20p and his price is now 30p and with 2p of dividends. This will not able me to retire however an example of a 50% rise in player in a very short space of time.

    I had a lot of positive feedback on my strategy back in June however I did have some negative especailly on social media. I did doubt my strategy at one point and started to think I might be wrong. However I stuck to my guns and made the decision that it was my money that was being invested and I'm spending it my way.

    Obviously I have bought some clowns along the way and made some mistakes however I trusted my decisions and have been rewarded tonight which is a fantastic feeling.

    So whatever strategy you may have, stay patient and have conviction in your selections. No matter what.

  • I remember your original post a few weeks ago and I held last season.

    Congratulations. Good trade.

  • Banned

    Yeah nice trade.

    What % are you at profit wise now?

  • @MrWh1te Just over 54% since joining in June. A big percentage of that is down to the fact I was awake when they released the IPO's in the early hours enabling me to get on them very early.

  • @Zidave Cheers pal.

  • Couldn't agree more mate. Some buys I made when I first started I sold quickly because I didn't see an immediate rise and therefore thought they can't be as good as a though. Prime example being Haland! I would have been 200% up if I had held

  • @Pagey74 how much have you put in mate?

  • @Pagey74 yea I remember 5at you were in America, unfortunately I got up for work and missed the boat, jumped on Ihatteren and have done well off him

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    @Pagey74 Very nice indeed

  • Started playing last month and I agree with this. I’m in a small budget aswell but when I started I went and bought Pogbas messis Ronaldo each for like 10 shares which wasn’t optimal for me. Switched to large share amounts and beginning to get the hang of this. Bought 100 Deulofeu who won PB last week and made small profit on him. Also I was very convinced Cazorla would be good for PB and he’s top mid as I write this. Kicking myself for this as I didn’t get many shares in him as I was still back in the heavy hitters over the budget picks. Had cazorla at 55p and now he’s 74p and rising.

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