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  • Does anyone know who this kid playing for Metz is? From the little I know he is a central midfielder and is scoring a very impressive PB average score of just over 116 in the 6 games he has started this season..

    What makes this average very impressive is that Metz are not very good and they have lost 3 of the 6 games that he is averaged just over 116 in.

  • Just over 116? That is pitifully average. You also state that it is because Metz haven't won much: something which is likely to be a struggle for them going forward all sesson.

  • @Alpilgrim Nonsense. Not pitiful at all taking in to account that 50% of the games he has played they have lost.

    We both agree that Metz will struggle this season, however its sometimes better to be the big fish in a small pond rather than small fish in the big pond.

  • He needs at least double that score to be of any pb note.

  • He's the sort of player that would have a chance on a single game day if Metz get one but is unlikely to be anywhere near challenging on treble game days. 6 games with no goals, no assists, no chances created, 0.3 key passes per game. He is what he is I guess - a cheap punt in the hope of a decent single game day or getting lucky one game.
    I've never been one for looking at PB averages myself as they're misleading. Can be useful for finding single game day winners but I'm more interested in peak scores. Of course if he had the peak scores he wouldn't be 40p :)

  • @Alpilgrim said in Habib Maiga:

    Just over 116? That is pitifully average.

    I agree with Paigey, that statement is nonsense.
    116 is what Di Maria averages and many others around that figure too.
    Ronaldo = 127
    De Jong = 115
    Verratti = 117

    116 is also considerably more than any Liverpool midfielder has mustered.
    In fact, if you take the big 6 clubs in England, KDB is the only midfielder who averages more.

  • @janner73 Agreed. Maiga does need a better high score but can't really fault an average of 116 after just 6 games for a strugglign side

  • @janner73 Exactly my point. No goals. No assists. And yet he is still averaging a PB score of over 116 for a struggling side who have lost 50% of the games he's started. He must be doing something right. Right?

  • @dean73 Yes and no - PB averages annoy me as it's a flawed way of looking at it. It's what behind the numbers that counts.
    For example you compare Veratti's average but he has a low score in there were he only came off the bench for the last 18 minutes. You also need to factor in how likely he is to get the minimum 1 goal/assist he will need to challenge for a PB win.

    He's cheap for a reason and as I said previously he's fine for a cheap punt in the hope he pops up with a gwg somtime that puts him in contention or the better chance of getting a single game day at home to another mid table side. I think most of us have a few cheap punts like that in our port but let's not compare him to Ronaldo, De Jong and Verratti who are all in sides that will win a large percentage of games, have high possession stats which gives better PB, will go far in European competition and are going to the Euros.

  • @Pagey74 How likely us he to score or assist is the question. He's ok for a cheap punt I guess but you're hoping for that bit of luck with someone like him - but any dog can have its day especially if a single game day falls nice for him.

  • @janner73 Verratti's 117 is based on a total of 41 games going back to the start of last season. I doubt a solitary game where he played just 18min will have much of an impact

  • @janner73 I don't know. That's why I asked if anyone knew more about him. He seems to be a box to box midfielder so hopefully he can chip in with a few goals and assists.

  • @dean73 Even more irrelevant then as you are including 33 games on the old PB matrix which aren't comparable. You're comparing Maiga's 116 from 6 games on the new matrix with Veratti's 117 made up of 9 games on the new matrix and 32 on the old (no doubt those 32 will also include quite a few low scores from sub score as well).

    EDIT: Verratti's average this season solely on the new matrix is 152.

  • @Pagey74 2 goals 1 assist in 16 games in their promotion side last year. 1 goal, 0 assists in 13 games for St Etienne the season before. Don't think he has a huge goal threat compared to a lot of midfielders BUT a transfer to a better side would obviously make a huge difference as more wins and more possession equals better PB.

  • @janner73 Fine. Maiga's average is still better than most THIS season and 116 is not a pitiful average, which was my point.

  • @dean73 Also a point I originally agreed with - it's not pitiful. But PB scores need context - a player can average 116 by getting 116 every game and will never ever challenge for a win. Likewise a player can average 116 by scoring 232 in 50% of games and 0 in 50% of games. Those are the 2 (unlikely) extremes but demonstrate that averages alone are misleading and do not demonstrate an ability or likelihood to win PB which is the point I was trying to make.

  • His whoscored rating is very good though - 7.18 from 6 games. I understand this may not translate into good PB scores (he very rarely scores goals) but you can bet at 23 with a rating like that he’ll gain some interest from some bigger teams before long. This and the fact he’s got a reasonably high chance of Pb on a single day is exactly why I invested, just wondering how much higher he could go.

  • think he was mentioned in the under 20p thread a while back, just hit 100% on him so chucked half in the queue, gracias to whoever pointed him out

  • @nicky540 said in Habib Maiga:

    think he was mentioned in the under 20p thread a while back, just hit 100% on him so chucked half in the queue, gracias to whoever pointed him out

    You're welcome. :-)

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