Could be a safe bet for your bonus money...

  • If you're looking for somewhere to put your money for the deposit bonus I think Ronaldo is a relatively safe hold. Despite the dip the past few weeks Ronaldo was one of few players who saw a steady rise throughout and if you buy now you'll benefit from 8 eligible IPD days. 7 if you want to cash out on the 19th.

    Should return a few IPDs and potentially some MB and PB when Portugal play Luxembourg. Good opportunity to get some divs to reinvest to further increase your DB.

    All be it he was injured for Juventus' last game but expect him to be fit for tomorrow.

  • He is still one of the best players in the world but a ticking time bomb on FI..His age goes against him big time on FI.. Get out of him in time and put your money into a younger version.. Ronaldo is a bet as opposed to a trade..Best of Luck

  • I agree with the original post. Ronaldo is showing no signs of slowing down and is very reasonably priced. He is one of my newer purchases but I intend to hold until AFTER Euro 2020, where I anticipate I'll have amassed a fair few PB and MB dividends as well as some capital appreciation along the way.

    Safe hold for the next 2 years in my opinion

  • I think with the way he keeps in shape and his own personal agenda of trying to break as many records as possible to claim to be the greatest ever there’s no doubt he’ll be looking at the World Cup as probably his last big international tournament so no doubt he’s playing for at least the next 3 seasons so plenty of media

  • @Karl Hes old for normal footballers but Ronaldo isnt normal, this guy will be playing until hes 37-38. It's all about getting out at the right time as his price will hit a steady decline but I dont think that will happen for another 2 years. As his price declines his yield looks even better as until he's removed from the index he will hover up the dividends. He will rack up plenty of divs this season and I believe he'll be touching £4 but the Euros next summer.

    Be interesting to see what is price falls to when he actually does retire though, although his selling price will be zero if he falls low enough you could buy and actually still make profit from the endless MB he will receive.

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    I think some people are confusing 'safe bet' with 'good bet'

    He may well be a good bet, but he is certainly not a safe one.

    He is getting more injuries, he is old and at any point he could just say enough is enough.

  • Imo hes as safe as anyone. Every player is only 1 bad tackle away from the end of their career. Ronaldo's only comparison is messi and hes almost £2 dearer! I've got back on Ronaldo almost a month ago and hes returned 12% (combined ipd and cap app) in that time with 3 more qualifying ipd games still to play. Including 2 for Portugal! Hes got the body/physique of a 28 year old according to reports, so that makes him still in his prime!😁😁

  • @MrWh1te I completely agree, it's a potential good bet not 'safe' bet.

    Ronaldo will continue to Split opinion between those that think he will play at the same level for a good few seasons Vs those that think his output has and will continue to decline.

    Me personally i see Ronaldo being one of the highest PB and MB performers from now until the 2022 world cup so I certainly think it's a good bet, however, the risk is that my assumption of Ronaldo being at an almost unparalleled level of fitness and conditiong to achieve that is misplaced.

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    That isn't true, the older you are, the more injury's start to impact.

    Again, I am not saying he is a bad hold, I am even thinking about buying into him, but he is not a safe hold and suggesting so means a lot of people might get burned.

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