Lewandowski IPD’s - Time To Rise

  • Yes he’s slightly older, but on 🔥🔥🔥

    8 Games in the next 30 days

    4 Games in the Bundesliga - All opposition in the bottom half of the table

    2 Games in the Champions league -
    Inform Spurs 😉 and Olympiacos

    2 Games for Poland - Latvia and North Macedonia

    Surely some great IPD’s and PB’s on there way

  • @Brad at £1.87 I'd suggest he is too expensive to be an IPD player now. Plus, seeing how the market is, he goes one game with no goals and he probably drops 10p

  • Would say perisic seems better value for ipds at the minute. Less than half his price

  • Agreed, I also think Bayern will start Muller tomorrow too - Padaborn are the whipping boys at the moment and historically Bayern smash them.

    0-0 it is then!

  • Lewandowski starts.

    Goals galore inbound 🤞

  • @Brad holy moly careful mate 11p spread to IS so you need the goals/assists 🤞 to keep him sustainable otherwise as others suggest
    11p spread
    Plus the drop as he rose massively during the deposit bonus.
    If he drops keep hold until euro qualifiers as he'll rise again to roughly the same then get rid if needed.

  • Cracking player but too expensive for IPDs now in my opinion. He does have some chance of PB too though.

    My biggest concern now would be that he shows as being up 26p in the last 7 days. Does that mean a lot of bonus cash has gone into him that could be as risk of being withdrawn?

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