Does anyone think the Twitter tips are having a negative impact on the index?

  • I can't pretend to know much about Twitter but when I started fi in march I can't remember seeing many Twitter accounts tipping players. It seems now, like what happened in the gambling industry that if you can build a reputation on twitter you can just buy a player and give a good reason for purchasing and then wait for your followers to buy and then have a free bet or just sell your shares for a small profit. If this is the case is it bad for fi?

  • Do what I do, don't look at the #footballindex hashtag. It's hilariously toxic. We all see things differently, we all choose different players for different reasons, and we're all told to trust our gut/instincts.

  • Simply, yes.

    Twitter is horrendous for FI, whether it's the constant gloating showing screenshots of massive profits, or the constant direct attacks on FI CS whenever divs aren't paid immediately. But the pumping and degrading of players is the worst because the twitter sheep clearly follow!

    The forum is the most balanced place by far. The vast majority on here are reasonable people with solid foundations for their arguments.

    Twitter is a shit show

  • I must admit if I really like a player I don't have enough money free to want to share it with others as the price would collapse and I wouldn't have much on. Also my last two tips have been crap even though somehow they have risen a little.

  • Yavi - that is all I have to say on FI twitter...

  • Yeah I don't go on twitter anymore as I find the whole thing shite. I was following "reliable" sources throughout lots of transfer speculation and so much of it was bollocks. The whole Bruno fernandes saga was very tiring and full of people making shit up, same with the neymar saga. But I wonder if fi will look at banning some of there users for selling tips on twitter.

  • Twitter is just pumpfest - I have a look once in a while as it's useful to understand market trends but the "tipping" of players is ridiculous. If anyone truly believes in a player then why shout about it too much. Surely you want the price to stay as low as possible for as long as possible so that you can keep topping up your shares. Tipping a player is impatient traders wanting a quick rise so they can sell for a profit.

  • I'm not on Twitter, because I'm capable of thinking for myself.

  • @ocs123 haha

  • @ocs123 Im totally down with self thought but it does help to know what everyone else is thinking in this FI lark. I can't do this million pound dream in my own sadly.☹️

    If it wasn't for twitter thered be absolutely no logic to the Mason Greenwood price whatsoever. Some world class pumping goes on in there.

  • I agree it's useful to see what others are thinking but generally find Twitter awful. Way too many selective screenshots of how 'well' someone is doing that are no real reflection of skill, but rather turning up at the right time. And then these 'experts' disappear when there's a momentary dip like last week.

    This forum is where the smart people are 👍

  • TWATTER! Terrible social media types.

  • Im on twitter, slack and here. And twitter is awful. I only joined it for FI thinking i might be able to get ahead of the game with as many sources of info as possible. But i dont use Twitter at all now because never once read anything of any use on it. The worst part of it all is that its FI’s preferred choice of interaction with its members even over they’re own self created forum infact the only reason i still have twitter is for FI announcements, notifications and customer service which in my opinion should be their secondary port of call after theyre own forum. The deposit bonus was even announced on there way before any notification came via the app

  • Banned

    Twitter is terrible.
    I was so shocked today to see FI posting a video of different peoples tweets and they included one of the most toxic tweeters out there

  • @Deej.11
    He’s the biggest bellend on twitter, he’s probably still raving about Pogba right now after being £1 down from his peak 🤣

  • @Tom7471
    I’m on twitter and it has a big impact on fi! Not so long ago I saw PBMAN claim Arnold was not a good hold! Within an hour Arnold had dropped over 10p! That’s the power of twitter and that’s why it’s important to do your own research

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