Do people get involved in the 5% part of the bonus?

  • Last time I used it but I'm not sure I will bother this time.

  • As the bonus isn't paid for both parts until 19th October I'm not sure as many will as there won't be a drop off and prices will still be inflated from when the DB was announced and this may put some off.

    But for those who have the cash I'm sure they will put some money in, it's free money at the end of the day!

    I've deposited today but won't be going for the 5%.

  • @Tom7471

    Anyone planning a deposit will max out the 10% offer where possible but hold on to anything over £10k to benefit from the 5% just sensible planning.

    Others may not have available cash until after 1st Oct but 5% bonus is still better than nothing, great time to join or increase exposure IMO.

  • Cool. Yeah I assume that most people will take advantage of the generous 10% and won't have cash to take advantage of the 5%

  • last time they changed the 5% to 10% anyway didnt they ??

  • Not sure

  • Last time no one got involved in the 5% before they changed it to ten. Im fully expecting a big drop on october 1st

  • @nicky540 no i think they just add an additional 10% bonus after the 5% one

  • Less people get involved but less of a drop off at the end so less risk

    Taking into account net deposits and portfolio value changes I’d estimate you are only 1 or 2% better off after the 10% bonus than the 5% one despite the 5% difference.

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