Happy Friday Everyone

  • Sorry about last weeks negfest - people dying tend to have a negative affect from time to time.

    So this week has all been a tale of two tales, first being the 'we are doooooomed' wankers over on twitter - I use twitter, I'm not a wanker, but you get my drift. OH and some people on here are close to being classed as wankers, but are not, why not, I don't know, but they are not.

    Yeah anyway, FI is doomed, they SHOULD be telling us what their birthday plans are, they shouldn't keep us in the dark, they are happy for people to sell up as they earn 2% yadda yadda.

    THEN ROCKET TIME.........

    The wankers on Twitter say all is good, what a great deposit bonus idea it is....GREEN GREEN GREEN, 3535435,34543543785,2321332059 and 2 increase in the FOOTIE and life is good again.

    But wait, people on here say 'ITS A FALSE INCREASE, ITS NOT SUSTAINABLE' etc.....even that Gretta twat from Viking land is screaming about Sustainability!!!

    I say, live for today as its GREEN and its earning us pennies....could be dead tomorrow (see last weeks negfest).

    What I have also learnt is my port continues to grow, I don't have a massive port, £3.4k but its staying around the 22% ROI which for me is beautiful.

    Booked to do a 110 mile race next year, all in one go and if you dare say 'BUT HAVE YOU DONE A TOUGH MUDDER' you can fuck yourselves.

    People continue to pump and dump and try to use JEDI or NLP (over the net giggle) techniques to buy players to earn money.

    Oh, on the above - i'm very, very close to having something developed that will hopefully be an additional place to discuss FI. I'm so excited about it I want to scream from the rooftops....its going to be really good...I want to say something about it, but I can't....not yet.

    Going for a curry tonight, the bird has a 68 mile cycling sportive on Sunday and this week has been a right laff testing out 'fanny cream' as I call it (chamois cream) sh'es gonna be in bits...50 miles is as far as she has gone..best get as much 'cheeky' in over the next couple of days as I reckon its gonna be a bit tender come Sunday night.

    Love your loved ones lads and lasses....take care.

    Happy Friday xx

  • Love it. Happy Friday :-) Excited for this new place to talk about fi.

    Have a great weekend

  • I really enjoyed the Thomas Cook stories and everyone crying telling us how hard they've been done in trying to get back to England from their 3 star package holidays but I would never have put the blame itself on Mike Ashley just as the supreme court ruling this week had nothing to do with Paul Pogba's hairstyle but watching a sixteen year old girl called Greta Thunberg score at Old Trafford for Rochdale a day before she was forced to come back to parliament before abusing everyone verbally was the cream of the crop for me!!!

    Next week will be just another 7 days...

    Onwards & Upwards!!!!

  • @Milnerman your right about the 'Tough Mudder Fuckers' it's funny people think there the bees knees for doing one, but ask them to run a straight 5k or 10k they cant do it 😂🤣 enjoy your 110 miles

  • @Doug-s I ran a 10k once, for charity of course, would never do it for 'fun'.
    I felt a great sense of achievement as I overtook a 'Blue Woman Group' and 84yo Gladys just before the finish line 😁😁
    The fact I finished almost an hour behind the front runners didn't really bother me and all I wanted afterwards was a cup of tea and a cigarette.
    Fair to say I've not volunteered for a 10k since.

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