Who the hell is this?!

  • Ian Smith, plays for Costa Rica. Sales going crazy! Fingers about to be burned...

  • According to the iPhone App, he was born in 1919 and is 100 years old.

    Stay well clear.

  • Got a mention in a thread last night mate, the power of this forum in action ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @Sol โ€ฆ fingers already wearing new gloves @sol.. read the previous posts...

  • @ocs123 Count Dracula ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ in the flesh! Must buy 50000!

  • He's only 21yrs old, so I can see how newbies could fall for this pump & dump believing he is the next wonder kid.

  • @Londoner Sadly it's a forum pump, and I'm hoping not a dump to follow. Sad to say Im seeing more and more Twitter style pumps on the forum these last few days.

  • @ocs123 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @janner73 โ€ฆ or another market for those with less coins to work with?? I see no harm in buying or sharing with others these cheaper players, it doesn't have to be about the well known big boys all the time, surely there is a little room for other aspects of trading to take place without upsetting anyone? we are all adults here, all have fun on the platform for different reasons, id be tempted to say im more fed up of hearing the words pump and dump than I am reading up on cheaper players others have gone out of their way to research or post about.. I don't mean any offense here, just trying to offer a different perspective..

  • @Ole-ole I totally believe some people are just looking for value, but beware the pumpers in that thread too - I can tell who they are already and I just don't want to see anyone get stung when someone dumps.

    Ian Smith was a regular pump and dump player 6 months ago - and I wouldn't be surprised if he's on FI's list to watch for pumpers. A virtual 25% spread as well - these are always great when they're rising but it will be those who are genuinely just looking for value that get stung.

  • Yeah I looked at him this morning and thought he might be someone to jump in and out of quickly and make a quick buck but way too much risk with a 23% spread and low possibility of market selling when the pump is over. Beware people

  • @janner73 .. Understand completely what youre saying, its shame those people are ruining it for the ones that just want a bargain haha.. its interesting what you say there about his price graph, I would of looked at that an thought hed had some transfer talk, or a good game for national team etc.. I hadn't considered these random spikes in graphs are the result of pumpers/dumpers...

  • @Ole-ole Yeah sadly all those spikes were fairly regular pumps/dumps. There was a group of players at the bottom end that just used to go through a cycle of pump/dump - the share split and 2p spreads at the bottom end seemed to put a stop to it. Anyway I don't want to sound too negative, my concerns only come from not wanting to see anyone get dumped on rather than tar everyone buying cheap players with the same brush - I get that 95% are genuine, its the 5% that ruin it for everyone else.

  • @janner73 .. I appreciate the insight mate, always happy to hear advice from more seasoned members.. If it wasn't for people like yourself doing that id of been on the wrong end of many of these... Larger spreads on cheaper players wouldnt be a bad thing, may prevent people instant selling for quick profit!

  • @janner73 who are the pumpers? To be fair there was a thread about players under 25 under 20p, with a bit of research he doesn't sound a bad 4 year bet in my eyes.

  • @MUFC said in Who the hell is this?!:

    4 year bet

    When did bets become 4 year bets? They're 3 year bets.
    As for who I believe the pumpers are I wont name without hard evidence on the chance I'm wrong - but its fairly easy to spot those who aggressively push players for quick rises.

  • Hi @janner73

    I started the thread last night referencing the 20p and under 25 and am a little disappointed if I'm being thrown in that category of pump and dumper.

    I spent probably 3 hours going through around 800 players in the sub 20p mark looking at age alone, I found that only around 40 were under 25. I was just as shocked to see this guy up over 100% but I'm pretty sure I didn't hold a gun to anyones head telling them to buy at +50% +75% etc etc.

    At 8p he has longevity in a platform that has shown constant growth, can you explain why the bottom of the market cant grow along with the rest of the platform rather than just calling it pumping and dumping?

  • @janner73 4 years mate take a look at t and c

  • @TFJ I have purposely not directed that comment at any one individual so don't take it as being aimed at you.

    @TFJ said in Who the hell is this?!:

    can you explain why the bottom of the market cant grow along with the rest of the platform rather than just calling it pumping and dumping?

    It can but it's also a far easier area of the market for those looking to pump and dump to operate in. I have quite clearly stated that 95% of people are genuine yet 2 people are being defensive already. Its the genuine people I don't want to get stung because it's happened countless times before in that area of the market. I'll quite happily shut up and not try to prevent people who are new from getting stung.

  • @MUFC Share Period
    A Share lasts for three (3) years from the date you place the Bet (the โ€˜Share Periodโ€™). Upon the expiry of the Share Period, the Bet will expire โ€“ meaning that you will lose your stake and the right to participate in any Dividend. In advance of the Share Period expiration, it is open to you to take steps to sell the Share via the Website and/or the App and buy new Shares in the same footballer. This will result in โ€˜resettingโ€™ the Share Period associated with the new Shares in that footballer.

    That's what I see?

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