50 futures

  • I'm trying to round up/down my futures in players so that the minimum i own is 100 in each player. the players i currently hold 50 in are

    price bracket 1:
    Reiss Nelson (£1.62 - £2.14)
    Morgan Gibbs - White (£1.03 - £1.41)
    Ryan Sessegnon (£1.61 - £2.06)
    Youri Tielemens (£1.17 - £1.72)
    Moise Kean (£1.57 - £2.16)

    price bracket 2:
    Jadon Sancho (£6.82 - £6.85)
    Phil Foden (£2.78 - £3.67)
    Marcus Rasford (£4.25 - £4.06)
    Mason Mount (£1.48 - £3.83)
    James Maddison (£1.37 - £4.10)

    would appreciate your view in which ones to sell inorder to top up the ones worth keeping and reasons why. thank you

  • Personally I would sell Sessegnon & potentially Tielemans from bracket 1. Can't see much more of a rise in Sessegnon as he's not really an exciting player like the other English youth's we've seen rocket! I hold Tielemans and it hasn't really clicked this season, I am not selling as I think he'll be pushing £2.50 by the Euro's but he may be a slow burner so it's whether you're after quick money or just a medium term hold.

    From price bracket 2 I wold sell Mount & Maddison and potentially Foden. Maddison is already overvalued I believe and unless he starts returning divs I can't see the justification of his price. As for Mount he has flown this season, but feel he has reached his ceiling and with CHO coming back all eyes will be on him once he's back playing regular first team football. Foden's a weird one, I feel like he's been waiting for his break for over a year now but just can't see where it will come from whilst at City. He's never going to get regular game time in PB games whilst City have the midfielders they do and the odd game in the Carabao Cup will not warrant an England call up any time soon. He's got room to increase but think he'll be slow burner as I can't see him bursting on to the scene and taking the world by storm.

  • As a Wolves fan I would advise you to sell Morgan Gibbs White. Not even close to filling his potential and has in fact been very poor for us so far this season.

    Will get mins in the EL but in the first EL game he was poor.

    Take your profit and reinvest elsewhere.

  • Interesting comments - surprised by the gibbs white one bearing in mind hes only 19 - but you are in a better place than me to judge...

    its a good point regarding CHO returning

    i cant hep thinking of the euros so people like tielemens may be worth the hold


  • I remember Morgan Gibbs white had a mention from Danny Murphy on Match of the day and his price went crazy, hasn't hit those heights since - good old match of the day pumps

  • I think Harvey Barnes has some possibilities...but then I think digital watches are still pretty cool. What the fuck do I know about the price of herring in the Netherlands?

  • @Tom77 I’m thinking of buying Longstaff for Shearers over-reactions to every half-decent performance.

  • @Chris-J 😂

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