Tuesday’s IPOs

  • Any value chaps?
    Jacob Murphy from Newcastle 40p. England schoolboy?
    Can’t see much else Jefferson has played internationally for Columbia.

  • I think FI should invite guest IPO pickers have a competition each night for the honour! no offence to the guys at FI but some of these IPOs scrape the barrel somewhat

  • @R9Kennard Kaderabek was linked to Juve and Leicester over Xmas, he's having a solid season at Hoffenheim and possibly worth a punt for PB but I wouldn't pay more than 50p - no WC etc. keep an eye open for his first couple PB scores and go from there.

    Not much else there IMO

  • I remember Kaderabek when they played against Liverpool. Had one good game and one shocker. 40p looks cheap though for someone who does score and has a good assist ratio. Reckon you're right AT10.

  • Murphy is an interesting prospect. He is very close, stats wise to Jordon Ibe


    In fact he was a more prolific scorer in the under 23's. Jordon is in the low 70p range which makes Murphy's 40 look decent value.

    He's got the same Management Team as Michael Keane so you may see him pop up in a bigger team if Newcastle slide into the Championship next year.

  • Evening all! Back after an eventful short break which overran but hey that's life.

    I was actually checking the IPO's last week but they've been very light on value as we've seen in the almost zero interest shown by traders in a very hot period.

    One I missed was Amato Ciciretti, didn't even research him to be honest as the missus was nagging me, but apart from him it's been pretty flat.

    Was hoping tomorrow would bring some good news and from first impressions I can't see anyone mindblowing but haven't ran the usual checks yet which I'll do now.

  • Well that didn't take long, Jacob Murphy's IPO is poorly timed to be honest as he's just lost his place in a mediocre Newcastle Squad and statistically he's not great either.

    The 2 best priced players have already been mentioned above, Kaderabek and Jefferson both 40p. Problem with both is that there's not much goal threat. Kaderabek had a bit of media attention with a supposed tug of war between Leicester and Juve, Juventus have an army of top draw defenders with goalscoring Mattia Caldara to accommodate in September too from Atalanta so I'd be surprised if that interest was genuine but you never know. There's an outside chance Jefferson could have a good world cup sitting in front of what I suspect is a beast of a defence of Yerry Mina and Davinson Sanchez so I can see the attraction in a small punt at 40p on both of those IF there wasn't much value elsewhere but if I wanted to spend £40 tomorrow I'd be looking elsewhere.

    Come on FI, one belter a day keeps the boredom away! ;-)

  • @Agatello

    Welcome back to Blighty, hope you enjoyed your break and back ready for IPO duty😀

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