Which of your holds has not had the bonus bounce

  • We have all I hope had a very productive week but that doesn't mean every player has risen.
    Obviously with a diverse portfolio (I have just over 60 players) their are gonna be winners and losers.

    I'm up 4.3% this week but rather than list the risers I thought I'd show the losers.

    These players I hold have just not attracted any money this week and just wondered whom you may have that have also been ignored.

    Last 7 days

    Marco Reus +1
    Dani Ceballos. -13
    Wout Weghorst -9
    GL Waldschmidt -4
    Ryan Fraser. -2
    Nicolas Pepe. -2
    H Maguire. -14

  • Griezmann 🤷‍♂️

  • The three players who have not had any real bounce are the Hazard brothers (which does not surprise me at all - hope they play England in the Euro Finals) and one that does Pavard as I thought he would rise slightly.

  • For me

    Pinam onti
    Thiago Mendes
    Carles Perez
    Jadon sancho
    Van dijk
    Stefan Lainer

    They haven't dropped really just not gone up but I've had such a good week with the rest of my port that I couldn't give a monkey's atm lol

  • @Ddr Must admit the decline in VVD does baffle me🤔

  • @Gazz127 yeah, I know lfc aren't looking as solid defensively as last year but they're still not gonna concede many and he should still get a fair share of divs.....and on top of that we had the fifa awards as well, don't make sense to me either

  • Rafael Marquez
    T Hazard

    Guna top up big on the last 2.

  • My main holds that haven’t really benefited from the bonus yet are

    Nicholas Pepe -2p
    Eden Hazard -10p
    Jonathan Tah +3p
    Manuel Akanji -4p
    Marquinhos -2p

    Plus a few other cheap players i wont mention as i dont want them used for their small spreads as bonus banks

  • Diego Godin... 0 +/-

  • Sir Harry of Kane and Reiss Nelson for me. Not really surprising though. Hopefully Kane starts banging them in soon and Reiss had a decent showing midweek scoring and assisting. Maybe he'll get a start this weekend? Not holding my breath though. Still think his a quality player so I'll hold.

    Also Dele Alli but for good reason. Hopefully he finds some form but the finger is most definitely hovering over the sell button for him.

  • Ricardo Pereira, Alcantara, Koke and Chilwell are my biggest holds with little or no movement.

    I bought VVD after the initial rush because he didn’t move so I’m hoping he has a good game over the weekend and gets a belated increase!

  • @Domitius erm koke had a 5p increase on the day of the announcement so I'd say the money didn't miss him

  • @stumac85 hold all 3 of those. Agreed on Nelson, he will come good with a bit of patience. Got to keep Kane for Euros. As for Dele, he needs to find form soon for me too - we know he has quality and might just need a goal to get that swagger back.

  • @Black-wolf the akanji one really confuses me - he was a very good PB scorer last year but is pretty much my biggest drop at the mo! Maybe because he hasn’t won one yet...🤔

  • Denayer
    Not surprised by any of these but I’ll keep 2 of them long term with euros in mind

  • @Hotspur Best thing for dele's price would be to get him playing just behind Kane.
    That's where he is so effective and it brings Kane in to the game more and they thrive off each other,Well that's how they used to operate anyway but Poch needs to get the best from Dele so Poch play him where he is most effective!

  • @Gazz127 EXACTLY POCH!!!

  • @HPcoys said in Which of your holds has not had the bonus bounce:

    @Black-wolf the akanji one really confuses me - he was a very good PB scorer last year but is pretty much my biggest drop at the mo! Maybe because he hasn’t won one yet...🤔

    I think so too. People seem to be more inclined to buy off the back of a win and dont seem to realise not all players are as consistent as KDB has been. Most of the best PB players may only get 2or 3 PB wins a season so its best to be on them before they win than after

  • T Hazard and H Lorenzo. I'm convinced that a big performance is due from both soon

  • @Ddr He was 86p when the announcement was made, jumped up a few pence then was back down to 87p at the time I made that post but I couldn’t be bothered to go into detail about how he’d gone up a bit then come back down. Anyway I must have jinxed it in a good way as he’s gone up 2p again since I originally posted!

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