Thoughts on next Monday/ Tuesday am

  • The first bonus period ends on Monday. What are people's thoughts on how the market will react.
    Will people pile in over the weekend or Monday last minute panic ( take advantage of any Monday sell off if there is one) to maximise their 10% bonus?
    Will we see a mass sell off Tuesday am as people take out the money they put in to get the 10% and forget about the 5%?
    With people taking advantage of this little boom in the market to reevaluate their holding / strategy I think it's a hard one to call. I guess it depends on how much people value the 5% and will FI do what they did last time and move the 5% to 10%.

  • @LittleFish Don't see a mass sell off myself. There will be plenty of traders who will want the 5% bonus as well so I suspect some small sell-offs and then those wanting the 5% will buy on the dips.
    I think, if my memory is good, the 5% was increased to 10% last time as an apology from FI - think it was due to some tech screw ups and to restore confidence. I don't for one minute imagine we'll see that change this time around.

  • I gather from the lack of replies that we are all keeping our tactics to ourselves 😄😄

  • Banned

    I think more chance that it is just no-one knows :p

  • @LittleFish I already had money banked before the announcement so took the opportunity to reshuffle the port and all the money went back in so shouldn’t be doing anymore trading time to sit back and ride the waves and wait for the bonus money to be paid towards the end of next month

  • @MrWh1te You are probably right it's going to be an interesting few days on the Index. Can't be any worse than the few weeks running up to the birthday pressy

  • 1st October is when media opens up to the entire index...the day after the 10% bonus ends. Hmmm 🤔

  • @Yellow is that definitely happening?

  • Great Neymar being pipped by the likes of a pissed up Richard Keogh.

  • I’m holding long term
    I will not be selling any shares at all
    I ride out dips because I’m not a scared sheep
    If your balls are small then run and hide

  • Getting players at a 5% discount, yes please. Going into the second half of the season the top end guys will be in high demand, I plan on getting in now, collecting the divs and seeing some lovelt CA post Dec right into the Euros.

  • @MickTurbo said in Thoughts on next Monday/ Tuesday am:

    @Yellow is that definitely happening?

    Yeah I reckon so. When they did the announcement with the new scoring matrix they said it's opening up 1 October, and I haven't seen anything contrary to this.

    The optimist in me is thinking the whole thing has been coordinated in advance, as in:

    1. 10% bonus finishes 30 September
    2. MB opens up the following day on 1 October with dividend rise
    3. 5% bonus keeps going and traders continue to go nuts

  • I've seen a lot of money going on random low spread players. I think there will be a big drop coming to those that bought pumps.

  • 0_1569833597024_IMG_6203.PNG
    Usual Monday sell off. Excited about what will happen tonight Midnight? Mass sell off or will the 5% ease the pain.
    I'm a bit concerned with a few of the big players like Kane not moving much during the bonus period. Hopefully money will stay in Neymar now he's playing ok and Pogba starts today and has a blinder. We live in hope.

  • I think it’ll be back to as you were before the bonus with the £4/5 plus market struggling badly.
    There’s no reason currently why patterns should change, especially given that the prospect of a dividend rise was knocked flat on the pod.
    They seem so against a rise they’d prefer to rename single, double, treble than actually make them that.

  • @Timothee-Atouba agree on the pod didn’t seem bothered about a div increase at all so I’m guessing if there is 1 it wouldn’t be until next season. Is Salah and hazard which turns out to be the right choice at the moment as managed to free up funds and buy more players in the lower bracket who have all had a little rise

  • I've decide to hold back some funds just in case the drops are better than the 10%...this bonus period has just felt a little different to others. But, long term, if you believe a divs increase will happen, any short term pain will be recovered and more when it is announced.

  • Agreed west same here. Lets see how market reacts and push all the buttons in case it is a 9/11 stockmarket crash

  • First bonus I’ve not taken part in. Market was too odd for me to pump a load of cash in.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve still got 5 figures in here and I’m not leaving, but I want to watch the market for a while before I put more in.

    10% with commission taken out and spreads wasn’t enough to tempt me.

    I’ll probably regret it, but I’ve opted for the safe watch from the wings option.

  • Sat debating whether to deposit 5k as planned or wait and see how the market reacts and potentially big up some good buys.

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