• As is expected I've seen alot of buzz with many Angers players what with their performances to date ( ie Reine-Adelaide at £1.62, Bobichon 75p and Ninga 72p) ...My question is would Baptiste Santamaria be the next Angers player to receive some steady backing? At 24yrs and only 32p, played all 8 games, has the 2nd most squad mins behind their GK, has 1 goal & 1 MOTM and more impressively has a 79.9 pass succession average...... Just wanted to know if people think he's worth a stab?

  • @NewUser434312 "more impressively has a 79.9 pass succession average"
    I don't know much about the guy but wouldn't have thought that <80% pass completion would be something to boast about.
    He's relatively cheap though so who knows? Might be worth the gamble.

  • I was simply going by the other 3 who have 82.4 (Reine-Adelaide), 84.9 (Ninga) and (Bobichon) 80. 6 who for their value aren't that far off

  • @NewUser434312 reine Adelaide played 1 game for angers before transferring to Lyon though

  • @Ddr Wondered why he was worth so much more lol

  • Aliouli striker in a side joint top with psg with the same amount of goals and only 49p scored two off the bench one to keep an eye on. Got easy fixture at home to aimes tomorrow.

  • @Jonah Yeah just noticed him on the rise, 2 worth punting on now lol

  • So just to confirm, player worth looking out for a Santamaria, Bobichon, Nivinga and Alioui (All below 75p)

  • @NewUser434312 can't see why not every goal being worth 2% of investment plus any attraction caused by scoring. Has seen quite a rise but when you compare his price to the likes of osimhen at 2.06. although he's in Europe still cheap at 49p

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