Malan versus Neres

  • Hi all,

    What are peoples thoughts on who they think has the better potential:

    Donyell Malan £2.60
    David Neres £1.77

    Personally I like both with potential moves coming up however sway to Malan due to the euros and is a starter for Netherlands.

    I do not hold either at the minute but thinking of investing.

  • @Killa2309
    'Malen' ... I hold and will continue to hold at least until after the Euros with transfer spec. But...I don't know if I would have bought at £2.60 but he has the legs to continue to rise.

  • @gball1975

    I agree, was thinking I've missed the boat but I think he may rise again with English transfer rumours in January then the euros in the summer.

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