Rabbi Matondo

  • Scored today and price is rocketing.

    Followed the same path as Sancho. Definitely one to watch. If he's even half as successful his price still represents great value.

    Indeed if this is his breakthrough season I can also see him being tested out in the Wales team sooner rather than later.

    I can't see a downside?

  • Just checked him on Wiki, he has already been capped, didn't realise.

  • This guy is my biggest hold. I’ve sat patiently on him for 4 months at a £50-£60 loss at times. I’ve watched all the other youngsters rise with very little movement on Matondo.

    I knew he was back from injury but I was pleasantly surprised to see him start today and the goal just capped off an excellent day. A loss has now turned into £300 profit. I will continue to hold as I believe he will eventually become a £2 player.

  • I don’t hold, but I’m Welsh so want him to do well. I’m sure he’ll be getting game time with the national team as Giggsy likes to rotate between matches, and his pace will be crucial if/when we trail in the fixtures. Compounded by Brooks being out injured for October’s games aswell.

    He must be doing well because the English media are already calling him ‘British’....

  • Starting today vs Hoffenheim on BT Sport. 5pm Kick off.Just bought in.

  • Subbed off 57th minute.

    Played shite. 💩

  • Think he needs a bit more time, but if Wales manage to make it into the euros we may see him have another spike by summer

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