Has neymar grown on anoyone ???

  • Genuinely thought he was a bit of an idiot before this season. Cant believe he is actually this good a football player. I considered selling him as he doesnt have euros but he will get the most pb wins of anyone this season and is a mb threat so im holding this fella for a very long time. I was so happy to see he scored today again.

  • @Jdog ive always considered him one of the elite footballers of the world probably one of the top 5. Its his typical Brazilian (no racism intended) diving antics that tarnishes his reputation

  • @Black-wolf i think its more than that which has been questioned. I would say he is the 2nd best player in the world right now as i think he is better than ronaldo. Also, he will be the best player in the world in a year or two when messi retires. So, he will leave psg next summer for barca and take the mantle from messi. I thi k this summer would have been bad for traders but next summer would be a good time as messi is a year older and then it will be neymars time

  • I think his talent is undeniable, I used to really rate him, then his World cup dive and rolls got a bit ridiculous and I started to see him a bit more like a spoilt brat with too much money, but watching how hes handled the fans last few games hes growing on me again, he hasn't taken the hide away approach with random little injuries like others. Hes facing it head on, and scoring.. I admire that. Fair play to him..

  • He is current top of the forwards with 224 and having watched the game, had Mbappe scored a 1 on 1 from Neymars assist
    or played a square pass to Neymar on 2 occaisions instead of opting for the selfish option, Neymar would probably have ended up with a hat-trick and an assist....

    That said, having Mbappe back in the team will only increase Neymars PB as it will open up the game a lot more something that became evident as soon as he came on.
    I expect to see a 400+ score at some point in the next couple of months

  • I always believed in neymar, when his price dropped to Β£6.86 I put as much money into him I could 😁

  • @NewUser215228 said in Has neymar grown on anoyone ???:

    I always believed in neymar, when his price dropped to £6.86 I put as much money into him I could 😁

    And now if he keeps fit and his head down we will reap the rewards for holding through all the storm. MB & PB tonight πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ’·πŸ’·

  • @LittleFish no pb (except ipd if you've had for less than 30 days) but his been there or there abouts for the last few games.

  • @stumac85 bit disappointed he has missed both now. Never mind topped up a few times last few weeks so a few pennies plus a bit of CA. Main thing is that he's on the up.

  • He’s certainly grown on me. Once I used to think he was a bit of a twat but now thanks to a certain betting site called football index I still think he’s a twat but at least now he’s a twat returning me dividends on a regular basics. Just another example of how my life now exists around football index.

  • @CJ0101 Couldn’t have put it better myself, the guys a tosser but makes me money πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • @Uncle-G similar to my views on Pogba too.

  • "Has neymar grown on anyone" - no I still think he's a cu#t but that's why I hold many of him, because he acts the way he does, MB Magnet. Would never want him playing at my club though....

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