Recommend me some players to purchase

  • I am looking to deposit around £2000 to make the most of this 10% deposit bonus. My port is currently valued £1400 and I don’t really own many of the big boys (5 Pogba’s 5 Messi’s 15 Sterling’s). My port is mostly players valued 80p to £2.50. I generally buy 25 shares per player and don’t know how I’m going to spend £2000. I am willing to buy more shares if necessary, I’m mostly looking for PB players and Capital Appreciation players, I’m open to buying the most expensive players on the Index if good reasons are listed but up until now I’ve avoided them for the most part. Please recommend some players for me with reasons to buy them, all advice appreciated and thanks for reading

  • Personally not a pump but just back from injury scored straight away today milot rashica sure to rise steadily upwards of £2+ solid choice plenty to like aswell

  • Mahrezzzzzzz!!!

  • @NewUser340188 Theo Bongonda 45p just back from injury plays for genk and in champions league I do hold look at the Theo bongonda thread

  • @Chalky I have him already 25 shares @1.42 each, should I be topping up?

  • Buy midpriced players with a decent shot or at least a chance of being in the Euros.

    Coman, Gnabry, Alcantara, Orsolini, Plea, Alli, Insigne, immobile, Thorgan Hazard to name a few examples.

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  • Isak

    Sociedad have nice fixtures from tomorrow onwards.. odegard has hit the 3quid and over... next it oyarzabal turn.. .Nd then isak is yet to fire in.. . Adnan for his price is a good one imo too!

  • Kelvin Phillips, Tyler Roberts, Lewis cook, David brooks, Phil foden.

  • Mahraz

    I’ve hit 100% growth today so I kinda trading ok 😁

  • Why not top up those premium players to 25 then Eden Hazard looks a good buy at the moment. Also Others i consider must haves for PB are


    Sorry if ive mentioned players you have already said you hold i couldnt remember who you had listed

  • Personally I would be avoiding most of the big players unless there is a very strong reason to invest. Most of them have stalled or slightly dipped since the DB initial surge. There is a chance they may go up again a bit next 48 hours as people invest closer to the deadline. But there is reasonable risk that they will dip, and if the the 3 weeks before the DB announcement is anything to go by they will dip pretty hard. My personal (and I do stress personal) opinion is that most top players are overvalued under current div structure which poses serious risk which is dicey for me.

    Middle of last week I experimented by selling off my Sancho and bought 5 players in the under 80p market (there is a good thread on this, link at the bottom). The 5 players I invested in are all up, and cumulatively that's a 42p rise! That represents an average of 14% increase in each of them in less than a week! Of course, some of them will be boosted by DB, but even so it's the part of the market I expect to grow as that is where the most value lies. More importantly, if they were dip, they are easier to get out of due to the tiny spreads.

    Link here

  • Doherty.

    Listed as a defender on here but plays winger really. Had a cracking season last season, won PB today and will win it again. Might not get it every week but at 60p... if he gets it 2-3 times per season it's the same as Sterling getting it 20-30 times per season. Wolves had a bad start, so his price isn't where it probably should be too.

  • Derek Felch

  • @NewUser340188 personally i would i had him @30p and still topping him up now im not one to cop out when the price rises abit i got it for his potential and talent still long way to go with him and certainly a big PB player

  • @NewUser69589

    I have mahrez, isak and brekalo - 500 each

  • Saliba and Tierney. Will only go up in value once they start getting into the starting teams. Both young and huge potential. Odsonne Eduardo at Celtic will also get a huge move in the next 12 months.

  • Giorgian de Arrascaeta has 7 goals and 5 assists in 9 games this season

  • Arrascaeta is really good as mentioned above and Luiz Araujo will rise for sure, he scored tonight as well

  • @Willhurr said in Recommend me some players to purchase:

    Giorgian de Arrascaeta has 7 goals and 5 assists in 9 games this season

    10 goals and 8 assists now!

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