Bad Start Clubs

  • Some clubs have started much worse than expected. For example, Wolves picked up their only win of the season today.


    Does anyone expect Wolves to finish in the bottom half of the table?

    Seems to me, they've underperformed so far but could be at that turning point in the season.

    Given that players have been rising on performance and falling on bad performance, is it reasonable to therefore assume that after several weeks of under-performance, Wolves players are undervalued?

    And with that logic in mind... are there other teams who have seriously underperformed who we should see stick in to second gear pretty soon?

  • @Dan-The-Man as long as they don't shit the bed and sack the manager and make a bad replacement I think they will be fine. There's a bit of a hangover and trying to maintain a euro run with a relatively small squad, but I can't seen them anywhere near the bottom at the business end of the season.

  • Thought of Wolves as soon as I read the title.

    I bought into 3 Wolves players in the summer - today was the first game of the season that none of my 3 started and they end up winning 🤦‍♂️

  • @Dan-The-Man Real Madrid and Barcalona haven’t had the best starts in terms of Fi. By that i mean the arent dominating the way they do usually and therefor arent producing those FI PB mega scores. Barca need Messi back and Real need to get their act together. Yes i know their league positions arent that bad but they are squeezing out results

  • Not really a bad start because was a bad last season but I believe Monaco are a good side and have some bargains in their team having a first really good performance in a while

  • Watford. There's some talent in that team. Deulofeu and Doucoure come to mind. Doucoure was linked to PSG over the summer too.

  • @Metropolis Sarr could be very good as well don’t currently hold but been thinking

  • @Black-wolf completely agree. I suspect that Madrid players will rocket when Zidane gets sacked.

  • @Luke yeah and so will Pogba when Jose gets the job

  • @Black-wolf that’d be nice 😃

  • @Luke I hope so, I try and only have one player per club, 2 max. But have somehow ended with 3 RM players.

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