Tielemans and Brandt

  • What are peoples thoughts on these 2? The reason I lumped them together as both are almost the same price and both dropped recently.

    Thinking of getting out whilst they are on a short term spike during the bonus. Especially Brandt as we didn't seem to be getting regular minutes.

    I have held a while and am up about 40p on each.

  • If you are going to hold until the summer, then yes to both as they will be players in EURO 2020

  • @Abaalan hold for euros

  • But will Brandt actually get much game time at the euros if he's not playing regularly for Dortmund..

  • @Abaalan what’s your strategy when you brought them?

  • @Collymore10 Brandt was playing every game for Leverkusen and scoring well for pb. Thought the Dortmund move would push him on to the next level, but that doesn't seem to have happened. Haven't checked but can't imagine would be playiing for Germany in qualis.

    Tielemans was more for the potential move to Utd (not that Leicester was a bad option either - and think they will have a good season) - more tempted to keep him to Euros and possible onward move.

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