Jorginho looking value now it's confirmed he's the first choice penalty taker

  • As the title says I think Jorginho looks great value now it's confirmed he's the first choice penalty taker for Chelsea (and Italy), when MB opens up to squad players I see him becoming a dual threat PB and MB player as he'll be scoring a fair few penalties and with a one word name he loses no media points like most players, he has 640 points today for example.

    He had a relatively high IPO for players who have been on the index for over a year at 37p (£1.10 pre split), most players who have been on for the same length of time were IPO'd at 20p or less. He also look great value in comparison to similar PB midfielders players, take Pjanic £1.93 and Kroos £1.91 (both 9p IPO) for example. They only have 2 more PB wins than him but they're 2 years older and don't really have a chance for MB like Jorginho will.

    What do we reckon, value or not? I've put my money where my mouth is anyway and topped up 900 at £1.21.

  • @NallyCat Could be a good shout as is a catalyst for pb , can’t see him winning too much Mb though maybe a couple times a season. Seems a good buy but I’d also wait for a sell off maybe when people get there ipds and pb divs before midnight. However you will also get ipd tonight from buying in. Not for me atm this one but think he’s quality

  • @NallyCat i recently sold up on him for a nice profit but i am regretting it now. Not just for todays PB score but mainly for the reasons you have stated above

  • @NallyCat in regards to IPO price does that mean he can’t drop below that price?

  • @Collymore10 that's right mate, very useful to know them to identify value IMO. I used one of the data sites to find out what they were and they went through the trouble of taking screenshots of them all 🤣

  • @Collymore10 buy price cannot dip below IPO price but I believe sell price can

  • @NallyCat I think this is a cracking shout! Kroos (1,90) Prejo (1,89) Pjanic (1,93) all similar players I hope he’d have 60p rise in him. Pen taker for Chelsea and Italy , champs league , euros
    Loving this shout ,
    Seen at 1,28 made myself a cup of coffee shot to 1,34, treated myself 👍

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