This kid been overlooked ❓

  • Krychowiak

    L Motiv player ..I know not PB league but scored 5 goals for them

    Constantly rated over 7.0 on SofaScore

    Under 30p

    No risk =No brainer

  • 29 year old defensive midfielder who plays in Russia - don’t know enough else about him but that alone is enough to stop me researching further. Interesting goal scoring record this season but is he likely to sustain it from the DM position?

    He’s somehow more expensive than Nemanja Matic.

  • Kid? That's virtually a pensioner in Index terms.

  • Cracking player though, he has won me a nice amount of dividends from my small holding. Obviously not going to set the world alight but a bargain at the price

  • @Tom7471 What dividends has he won?

  • @Coleyscrooge

    He will have won some in the Europa League, i dont hold but he might be worth a 30 day punt with a couple of Europa games and and the next round of Europe qualifying games coming up.
    I cant see him rising much over 30p though unless he gets picked on by a consortium of pump and dumpers.

  • @Advinculas-Index He’s playing in Champions Lge Tuesday (h)& good chance of qualifying

  • @Friedeggs @Vespasian32 is there any movement this kid (loosely) ❓

  • @Friedeggs not for me but I guess you are taking a gamble that he scores again... Then he will be excellent value. How has he been scoring? He's a DM... Is he on pens/free kicks? If so he's a good bet

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