Andre dozzell

  • Just come back from injury for ipswich, alot of hype last year before his injury with rumours of alot of prem clubs scouting him. Just turned 20, anyone know more about him or his potential as he's only 50 odd pence

  • If he's even half the player his father was he'll be worth 48p

  • As an Ipswich fan, I rate him very highly. He has exceptional vision and can split the defence with ease.

    He struggles to impose himself across the full 90 minutes and Ipswich have a wealth of options in his position. Paul Lambert is using a rotation policy this season too meaning he has only had limited time.

    Can see him leaving Ipswich at the end of the season and expect a Premier League team who invests in youth to have a punt.

  • He was very close to a move to Norwich in the window just gone. Only a matter of time before he gets his big move!

  • I’m also an Ipswich fan and although talent is clear he can’t get into our first eleven. We have other youngsters more impressive. Having said that he seems the type that would flourish in a high quality passing team. Personally can’t see him in the Prem at least for another 2 seasons, he just doesn’t play enough

  • Better for his price if he doesn't get a prem move yet. Hype and potential drives prices up.

  • @NewUser142017

    I agree he won't neccessarily play in the Prem for a couple of years (although I suspect he will move to a Prem club and get loaned out) but if he leaves Ipswich it will be 100% to a 'better' side.

  • @ACBlue not difficult 🤭

  • @Ellisandro said in Andre dozzell:

    If he's even half the player his father was he'll be worth 48p

    Aahhh, Jason Dozzell......

    That takes me back to a time when I used to collect football stickers, and was just a budding genius rather than the football guru I am today. 😎

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