Great Baseline PB Score Players But Lack A Goal Threat. Does Anyone See Any Value In These Sorts of Players?

  • I'm thinking players like Marco Verratti. Well capable of putting on decent PB scores but rarely seen at the business end of the pitch.

  • They’ll probably never win on a treble match day but they’ll have a solid chance on double and especially single match days.

    Using Veratti as an example, if I were to hold I’d be hoping PSG would get to quarterfinals and further of the CL where I believe it’s treble match days dividends for knockout games (could be wrong). Max dividends for minimal games on those days.

  • 202 yesterday with no goal or assist. Not going to score more than a few this season, but when he does it could be a mega score. But 200 on a single or even double day puts him right up there and I think French league has a lot of single match days.

  • Already won PB once this season. Has a lot of games to come for PSG and Italy so good hold in my opinion

  • Cracking player and some great pb scores. When mbappe and neymar are back to there best it will only improve his scores.

  • I actually think these players are good holds, as these players are bound to score a couple over the season and when they do they will often win. Rather than players that have a good average but are dependant on goals to post them scores.

    The goal scorers who have good Pb average often have to score 2 or 3 to turn there good score into a winning score.

  • I think if a player can score 190 + without a goal then they're a cracking hold as long as you can expect them to chip in with one occasionally. Players like Parejo who take penalties are the ideal scenario. They will likely win with one goal whether it be a single or treble day.

    Once you get down to 150/160 then you probably need that rare goal to also coincide with a single matchday or even a day with only one game played. This hugely reduces the odds of a PB win.

  • According to sofascore verratti hasn’t had a shot on or off target since the 17/18 season in the league and no league goal since 16/17.

  • @Tom7471 I think this is a really good point, especially in team like PSG where the game winning goal is almost certain to come from a forward.

  • Utd should supposedly get in on Verratti and get rid of pogba :- according to Danny Murphy in the paper.

    Is he similar style??

  • @Doug-s the article actually states they should buy verratti to "unleash paul pogba"

  • @Dalien-Smith
    I like this player a lot but as he scores only a couple times a year its more of a gamble. Hence why his price is true and were it is

  • @MickTurbo 🤣 I read it as unleash pogba,as in let him go!!!!

  • I used Verratti as an example but there does seem to be a daily trend of players with no goal or assist posting scores over 200. Tiemoue Bakayoko last night hit 234. He didn't score and his goal record suggests he won't score many in future but he still posted a reasonable PB score.

    I guess it's not pb alone that drives the market prices upward. A healthy goals and assists record helps too.

  • @Dalien-Smith because g&a gets pb wins, more often at least.

  • @BlayneB I know it's just the gaps are quite extreme in some cases. I guess Verratti and alike just have to nail down some star player dividends and all could change. If your picking up dividends whether your scoring or not will surely get investment.

  • Fabinho is a player like this - I bought after a few weeks of season after his price dropped.

    Once he bangs a goal in, he's getting flogged.

    66p a share.

  • It's a tragedy these players aren't recognised for what they do. Defensive midfielders could do with their own category. Some outstanding players but just don't offer value.

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