Wednesday 28th Feb - IPO Preview - Struggling stragglers

  • Evening all,

    Refreshed after a nice break (no I didn't ask FI to publish a load of rubbish IPO's whilst I was offline but I'm selfishly glad that was the case!) let's take a quick look at tomorrow's IPO's.

    Initial thoughts were promising after seeing a load of Forwards and at least one recognisable name in Seferovic, however in reality under further examination it's not that great.

    First of all let's eliminate the 3 defenders as they have no goal threat nor obvious transfer speculation - Mattiello has left Juve for Atalanta via SPAL on loan and Charlie Taylor has impressed Burnley fans after his switch from Leeds but neither should attract a crowd.

    It's in the midfield that brings us tomorrow's probably biggest attraction in the shape of David Brooks, currently with Sheff Utd there are paper reports (including one from the Sun stating he's a striker contrary to all other reports - surprise surprise) linking him with Spurs and a £10m pricetag. An article from his manager praises the way Spurs do business the right way but poured cold water on any transfer with the usual we want build a team with him in it. One for the speculators out so some money may go on him starting at 50p but definitely no guarantee's.

    Maxim knows where the net is for Mainz but no xfer spec, no WC and his club go against him even at 50p as there's better out there for that price already. I couldn't find much on Ramiro Guerra apart from he's young, Uruguayan and not seeing much game time at Villareal yet. Those who know more about him could well value him more than 40p but I can't back him from very limited information.

    Onto the Forwards - back to Seferovic, I am pretty sure he's a regular for Switzerland and he's only 26 but taking his 60p starting price I'd like to see him tearing it up for Benfica causing mass Xfer spec but in reality it's 33 yr old Brazilian striker Jonas smashing the goals in for them. So considering that and the fact he's out of league I'd leave him alone at 50p and look at other strikers out there.

    Kaylen Hinds has taken the Jaden Sancho route to Germany but Wolfsburg gave him 1 full game and farmed him out on loan so I wouldn't be in any rush to secure him at a very high 60p. Toni Martinez looked more promising, West Ham stole him from Valencia for a miniscule £1m and he's been whacking them in for the u23's - so rather than see what he can do, they farmed him out on loan to Valladolid instead in the Segunda Division. If they had anyone other than useless Moyes in charge I'd suggest he might be worth buying - so a 40p IPO price isn't a rip-off for those snapping up potential talent but for me I think I'd rather put him in the watch list and listen out for West Ham terminating his loan early instead.

    So all in all not an amazing list with no-one primed for a rocket mission unfortunately.

  • @Agatello really happy that you are back! Missed your analysis!

  • @Agatello cracking write up, I’ve only just started looking at the forum and will do do more if this is a sample offering! On what basis do FI add players? I’ve spent the last couple of months emailing over players for IPO, some of which are better known than the ones currently being added (farfan, Kokorin, smolov off the top of my head), do they just work through a list in the order the suggestions are received, or is there any weighting placed on potential or how well they’re recognised by players of FI? Great write up though thanks!

  • @Agatello wow, I guess they do actually read this forum!!

  • Sadly your analysis is much better than the IPOs themselves. In a way it’s protecting portfolios by issuing such utter fodder. David Brooke’s good to put on a watch list for next season or buy if they win play offs or becomes a bigger transfer rumour. also a few blades fans out there to create some interest. One international a day would be better than ten also rans...(no offence to brooks or the swizz international you spoke of.). but could go World Cup squad by World Cup squad to siv out the missing suspects surely! Great article and good read has always. I may do some research and had a few half decent names to the add player post

  • No worries guys, I think I'm now addicting to doing the research even if it's painful (nb. not promoting self harm here!)

    @NewUser67999 only FI know who, when, why and for what price I'm afraid. My wife asked for some very nicely and they came up the next day nice and cheap, told her to do it again but no cigar since :-) Sometimes they pick players who have just had a great article in the past 24 hours, sometimes they pick players who are due to play in the Europa League that night (we've seen them change the order to make them eligible for the nights dividends after a twitter request too which was excellent customer service). Just keep plugging away - personally I don't like requesting too much because that "might" inflate their IPO price - a certain pair of Belgian brothers have a younger brother I'd like to see at 30p for example but in reality he'll be more.

    @Stevo what have you seen mate? I know they read the forum's because they retweeted one of my threads once but then I moaned about something and hasn't been retweeted since. Need to charm Adam in Manchester next month to get back in favour haha.

    @Chicken-Badge I've since spoke to a Welsh friend who thinks Mr Brooks (not Kevin Costner) is actually better than I've given him credit for!

  • oh and by the way I've decided to stop sharing my wife's twitter account and create my own for FI purposes only. @AgatelloFI if anyone wants to follow. Cheers

  • @Agatello Cos I moaned saying they don't add players we ask for (as I asked for brooks adding ages ago and it got ignored.) Then miraculously a day later he is in the next wave of ipo's which I wasn't aware of until your post, so thanks for that.

    Brooks I believe could be one of the best British players in the premier league one day. Hopefully with us. Watch the highlights of SWFC v SUFC from Hillsborough earlier in the season to see what he's capable of. His nutmeg was a thing of beauty.

    This is sort of bittersweet in a way cos I know how we conduct ourselves with transfers and he will be sold sooner or later to anyone who offers a packet of polos and a pre season friendly. If he has to go then I sort of hope it's to spurs cos at least they give British youngsters a chance.

  • Well that's 2 glowing references so far, that's good enough for me to try and grab a bargain.

  • @Agatello I'm also gutted he's chosen Wales over England but he will be a star for Wales in the future I have no doubt and will probably be better for his career rather than the pressure of playing with the usual dross England put out (Harry Kane aside).

  • @Stevo

    I think since the walker naughton transfer there’s much respect from the two clubs towards each other I don’t think levy actually took the pi$$ out you has much has he’s done with other transfers especially the lloris carry on..... would be good if you get promotion you keep him if you don’t if spurs do come calling be ideal if you could get some academy talent in return has part of the deal. I think us letting Pritchard go to Norwich for 6 million was a joke. We do give English lads a chance and don’t have the budget of other clubs a move would be good for your futures but not has a fan! Only thing that put me off is holding him till next year same reason I didn’t get the 2 wolves lads

  • For those who use Twitter, I've quickly (and probably slightly inaccurately) converted the analysis above into a tabular format. Let me know what you think?

  • @Agatello got a link?

  • @Agatello said in Wednesday 28th Feb - IPO Preview - Struggling stragglers:

    @Noirx4 Try this buddy

    Really good grath. It defiantly calls a spade a spade and sorts the winners from “The also rans”

  • @Stevo said in Wednesday 28th Feb - IPO Preview - Struggling stragglers:

    @Agatello I'm also gutted he's chosen Wales over England but he will be a star for Wales in the future I have no doubt and will probably be better for his career rather than the pressure of playing with the usual dross England put out (Harry Kane aside).

    What did you end up getting D Brooks at I got in late paid 67p for 5 has interested to see where he goes next couple of days

  • @Agatello looks great mate

  • Cheers both, got him at 59 @Stevo which isn't amazing considering he's not a Paulinho!

  • @Chicken-Badge unfortunately I didn't get any cos I've been in a meeting at work all morning. I'll wait to see if his price lowers and then go in for the kill.

  • @Stevo

    Got 5 at 67p I guess we both watched this opertunity go up in smoke... he’s blown Marcus (mini Messi ) Edwards away!!!!

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