• Anyone know whats occurring with Michel?? born 1963 listed as being at Real Madrid, just seen a few people buying him... seems odd!

  • @Ole-ole Michel scored a penalty in the early kick-off in Spain - but Im not sure it's the Michel that's on the index lol.

  • @janner73 .. That's hilarious.. fastest finger doesn't always work eh?! couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his date of birth, I thought it was Zlatans brother or something haha.. they are lucky there is only a 2p spread..

  • @Ole-ole It's a confusing one because the picture of Michel seems to be wearing a Vallodolid shirt - but there's no PB score for him which suggests it's not him and people aren't gonna be getting any IPDs for that goal.

  • Well would you believe that - he's appeared out of nowhere on the leaderboard. So must have been the right one.

  • @janner73 I say many more people would have put money on him, if he was on the leaderboard right away. I saw the first buys, when he was just 21p but it ain't my type of trading

  • @Antierror Yep no doubt cost them some trading.

  • its removed his Real Madrid status so he now looks clubless, but still says date of birth 1963..

  • My theory is that people are buying him with mb opening up in mind. In theory every article with"Michael" in the tile will win him points. Whether that's the case? I'm not sure.

    Based on the dry run where "Naldo" and "Pepe" were top by some margin I'd hope they will have fixed this. But who knows!

  • This fella was spotted a few months back. The data on a few players got mixed with some randomers with the same name after an update to the site.

    So it is the Valladolid player but it showed stats for this ex Madrid player...


    There was one that was something like a forest green player and ex man United youth getting mixed up. Then one where a player was showing the stats of a seminal house DJ that shared the same name.

    Might try and dig up the thread if I can be arsed.

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