Do you have to invest £100?

  • Am I right in thinking you have to invest a minimum of £100 to qualify for the bonus?
    I’m sure before you got 10% even if you just invested £1.
    I’m not a big investor but have manage to put together £50 which I’ve invested but thinking this isn’t enough.
    This is what I’ve read on the bonus page 👇🏻👇🏻
    “What is the minimum bonus amount?
    The minimum Bonus will be £10. Therefore, if your Cash Bonus amount is below £10, you will not qualify for the payout.”

    Can someone clarify please 👍

  • @NewUser247217 I'd ask customer service to clarify, but yes it reads like you need net buys of £100+ to qualify. They have a history of poorly worded terms could easily mean minimum net buys of £10

  • Not sure anything needs clarifying, it really could not be clearer.

  • @CBN like the smug answer, take it you’ve had a bad weekend of football 🤣😂

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