Getting the best out of Xhaka?

  • This player is about to be made Arsenal capitano and Emery seems to adore him.
    Xhaka is a brilliant passer and can score beauties but he is overly aggressive and reckless.
    Could we one day be talking about how brilliant Xhaka is if Emery makes his system work or will he always be damaging to the arsenal team?

  • @kaka8 The man can’t control himself and is completely reckless. I do not like him however he can rack up passes which Emery loves however despite being captain I don’t even know how secure his position in the team is with Willock and Guendouzi undoubtedly out preforming him this season. With Mb opening he could get a win or two over the year as well by flying in or something dumb. Personally can’t see him rising too highly has been brought up by a couple people previously

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