Thaigo Alacantara - Buy or Hold or sell ?

  • Thaigo Alacantara - Buy or Hold or sell ?
    He's not his usual high scoring self.
    Out of form or doesn't suit the new scoring system?

  • Don't hold.

    But he's on my radar - that in itself says it's a good hold.

    Undervalued at present I feel.

  • He will come good. Spain and bayern big seasons. HODL

  • @Chap hold. Hes up there with the best of them for PB. He will get wins this season. Remember in the past only a handful of players ever win PB multiple times in a season and hes amongst that handful of players that do

  • Hold. He's defo got something about him and all the right noises are being made by interested parties. He won't be the next Messi, or at least its impossible to say at this stage, but he will grow in stature, reputation and price once he crosses the atlantic - Which wont be too far off now I'd say.

  • @Leighton

    Almada might cross the Atlantic, Alcantara better not!! Crossing the Channel would be good though!!

  • @Chap

    Hold and top up. Two of his highest ever scores were this month, although one of them included a 1.25x CL multiplier. The PB wins should follow.

  • @Martyn-B oh shit, totally read the name in the thread title wrong! Whoops.

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