Deposit bonus registration.

  • Just a reminder, make sure you register for the deposit bonus.

    Even if you were registered for the last one the rules that I read state that you need to be registered for this bonus and the upcoming 5% (only need to register once)

    No point in missing out, it's at the end of the marketing blurb.

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    they are very clever with this ..i joined the whole index in june i think it was 2 days after they announced the bonus ..
    i got right to the end of june and someone told me about the bonus but i was too late...
    imagine my horror as i deposoted 12k too i emailed to say i was new & didnt know about it but they didnt budge an inch ..
    what should happen is if you are signed up to the index you should automatically qualify for the bonus

    perfect example ive just clicked on the 4th bday banner and took me to the page....nowhere on that page does it say sign up below...
    all it says is its our 4th bday we are giving so many % etc etc Get onto Football Index and help celebrate the football stockmarket’s birthday.

    nowhere does it say scroll down beneath to sign up because i bet a few ppl have missed that ..
    if they say get on the index and trade then thats what most ppl do not scroll down for more info

  • Everyone keeps calling it a deposit bonus. Isn't it a purchase bonus. I.e you get the bonus on your net spends within the timeframe, rather than being related to any money deposited?

    Or have I screwed up again.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum your right its a purchase bonus but probably doesn't sit right with the marketing suits

  • @Rob-E This was the email we received, or are you saying on the site only?:

    Our 4th Birthday Bonus is here. We’ve split it into two Parts.

    In Part 1, we’re giving you a massive Cash Bonus worth 10% of your total Net Buys.

    Net Buys are calculated as the difference between your total Buys and your total Sells (if your Sells exceed your Buys, you won’t qualify for the Promotion).

    Part 1 starts at 00:00:00 BST on 24th September 2019, and finishes at 23:59:59 BST on 30th September 2019. Between those times, your Cash Bonus will be worth 10% of your Net Buys. The maximum Cash Bonus is a huge £1,000.

    So, if your Net Buys reach £10,000 - you’ll be getting a Cash Bonus of £1,000.

    The party doesn't stop there. Part 2 starts from 00:00:00 BST on 1st October 2019 to 23:59:59 BST on 18th October 2019, during which we’re giving you a 5% Cash Bonus on your Net Buys. The maximum Cash Bonus for Part 2 is a £500.

    The payout for both Parts is on 19th October 2019.

    The maximum combined Cash Bonus across the two Parts is £1,500.

    If you missed out on Part 1, don’t worry - Part 2 is still open to all of our Traders.

    Please be aware deposits made with a credit card will not be eligible for the Net Buy Bonus.

    There’s no withdrawal restriction on the 4th Birthday Bonus - so you can continue to withdraw money from your Account and not affect your Cash Bonus.

    Traders have to opt-in (click here) for the 4th Birthday Bonus and if you opt-in for Part 1, you’ll automatically be opted-in for Part 2. It doesn’t matter if you opt-in on the first day of the Promotion Period or the last day, you’ll still qualify for the entire respective Part of the Promotion Period.

    Please note: if you opt-in after Part 1 has ended, you will not qualify for Part 1 of the Promotion. However, if you’re still within the time frame of Part 2 - you’ll be opted-in for this.

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    @Ollie im talking about when your on the main amrket page and get promotions top right that page this comes up

    if your new you wouldnt know if you scroll down a little bit you have to opt in it does not say in the descritpion... might do in the email but most ppl dont check emails on a regular basis so i think its quite clever on they`re part to save money

    i peladed with them in june i never saw the bonus and a membver here recommended it ell sympathy at all from that side i spent 12k too would have had around 700 back

  • @Rob-E when does the bonus get paid?

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    @Matt-flint no idea buddy sorry this is my first involvement in any bonus

  • @Matt-flint said in Deposit bonus registration.:

    @Rob-E when does the bonus get paid?


  • @shilly ok thanks

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