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  • Where in the rules does it say you can't talk about 'alternative options to make money'?
    If it's for a direct competitor, fine. It isn't. There aren't any direct competitors.
    It it was illegal, fine. It isn't.
    If there were links posted, fine. There were no links.
    If it was posted in the wrong forum, fine. It was in 'off topic'. Relevant.

    Play nicely, mods. No need for megalomania :) I'm sure much of the profit made elsewhere will find it's way into AC's beautifully soft hands...

  • The irony this post carry’s. Was in off topic what’s the problem? I think members have problem only with the junk that was posted over the weekend x 50 couldn’t even see normal posts due to it and brought the forum to standstill till 10am today...

  • @Chicken-Badge Yeah, unless you want a fake passport or some malware then they were somewhat frustrating. But that's because they were a steaming pile of spammy bullsh*t selling pointless bobbins.

    All I was doing was sparking up a conversation about how people are making money, which is what we're all here to do. It's how I learnt about here (similar thread on a very similar forum).

    No links. No referral codes. Nothing dodgy. There'd been a decent conversation a year or so ago, so thought I'd carry it on.

    *carries ;)

  • Have they contacted you? Or did they just remove the post?

    Could of removed it by accident has they had to remove the other posts?

    There’s a page that does the betting methods you spoke about thst also promotes FI on there page too so not like there’s a problem here surely

  • @Chicken-Badge Nada. I only know it's deleted because I can't reply to any responses.

    Seems very back handed. @administrators @Global-Moderators any response to this? If you can show me the rule broken, I'm more than happy to pipe down haha

  • @CleanShirtTrader

    When I was locked out in Ukraine from my account I rang them up always best to speak in person but I’d guess there response would be a bog standard policy one of some sort.

    You could always wait till Friday night and repost it along with adverts for Black Mamba Ji and fake licences:-D

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