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  • Hi All...I have been totally enjoying trading on this great platform and was just wondering what everyone's expectations are with regard to a projected annual profit margin.. My own system seeks a 20-30% annual profit and so far I am well on target to meet the latter value.. Warren Buffet the great investor has averaged 20% per annum and if the FI management can bring this platform global, us early customers are in for one hell of a ride...

  • I'm aiming for 102% profit in a year. At 75% at the moment 8 months in.

    I'd initially aimed for a lot less but a very fruitful end of the season where my early buying of transfer speculation players paid off made me re-evaluate.

  • 7 months in and currently sitting at 55% ROI. Getting better every week so hoping by my 1 year mark to have hit 100% ROI.

  • Personally I am 8 months in on 33% ROI. I am looking at 40% come 1st Jan and hoping for 50% come end of season pre Euro kickoff. So far I'm pretty pleased with how it is going.

  • 14 Months in
    Currently 116.8% Up

    I was hovering around 100% after 12 Months

  • 12 months. 147% up and I only put 40% of my net deposits in 2 months ago.

  • 10 months of trading - 116% up.

    I wanted to initially double my money every 12 months over 7 years.

    That's still the long term plan.

    Stage 1 of 7 - complete.

  • almost 2 years in and roughly at 140% profit...

    I initially set a sensible approach with a goal to achieve 10% per quarter.. that soon hit 25% per quarter until reaching my ultimate goal of 100%... since then i've re-invested which does slightly distort figures but the aim after Y3 is certainly to get to 200% and potentially pull out 100% of the profit along with my initial investment and keep the remaining balance in (with perhaps some more along the way) to buy more new futures!!!

  • Thanks all for updates.. I didn't want to give out big percentages initially but realistically hoping for 50% return per year for the long term..February is my 1st year anniversary so will check back in then and detail how I faired.. Had a listen to Figs latest podcast with FI management today which is very promising for the future..Recommend a listen if you haven't all ready.. Off to Old Trafford now to see United but really looking forward to seeing Pepe.. This platform has engaged my love of football again after a ten year break

  • If I can return 30% year on year I'm happy. Been on 4 months and already done yeah now to build the port and keep it flowing.

  • Aim was to to turn 15000 into 20000 over the course of the season current port value 20500 with £500 bonus money to come so I’d say I’m well on target 👍

  • @Ericali wow, seems like you've been here as long as I have 🤔

  • Completed my first year, 37% up. Hoping for 50% by christmas.

  • On course for a ROI of around 70%+ in my first year, considering I've deposited consistantly since I joined which can screw with your percentages I'm really happy with that.

    There's a way of calculating your expected return per year taking into consideration deposits and withdrawals called "IRR", mine is currently sat at 106%. There is a thread somewhere on the forum explaining how to calculate that via excel, I'll link it below if anyone is interested.

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    This is how I am sitting. Should be a lot more but I have been guilty of over trading and making some mistakes whilst learning the platform. I do believe the figure is slightly inflated right now due to the bonus but if I can come out at the end of the bonus period around 20% up I will be happy. My aim when I started was to grow 1% every week, so I believe I am slightly ahead of where I was aiming!

  • @Squire1905 agree with it should be a lot more as I’ve done some stupid trading myself and if I didn’t trade as much I think I’d be nearer to 50% so I guess it’s all part of the learning process 👍

  • @Stevo said in Peoples Expectations:

    @Ericali wow, seems like you've been here as long as I have 🤔

    Part of the furniture now - but not even got my one year badge. 🙄

    I wish I'd been on here as long as you!

  • I'm hoping for 50% which i think is realistic and baring any major market downturns or Pogba's legs falling off I should be on course for.

  • Ideally 50% would be decent, I’ve bought some duds along the way and have panicked sold in the early days, but after tradings for 10 months things are looking up

  • @Ericali wish I knew what I know now when I started 🤣

    Neymar was under £2 in old money! Equivalent of 66p now!!!!

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