Espanyol vs real Madrid

  • How on earth ha ramos lost to martin today?! Martin had 50 less passes, a yellow card, 1 less tackle than ramos makes no sense even when you add in win and clean sheet bonus

  • Clean sheet 25pts
    Win 18pts
    Defeat - some points (not sure how many)

  • @Ermejo yeah I forgot the-15 for a defeat

  • Doesn't stop the PB system being bloody annoying sometimes. And I don't even hold Ramos.

  • I watched the game and you can throw all the statistics in the world at it... Ramos didn't deserve to win a PB.... in fact Varane was arguably Real Madrid's best defender whilst the two Espanyol CB's had a relatively easy night marking Gareth Fail.

    Impressed by Moreno & Piatti who always makes things happen and good to see Kiko Flores making his side hard to beat.

    I think to ask for Ramos to be considered 'defender of the day' because lets face it, that's what it is.... Is a bit cheeky when two teams have had clean sheets and 1-0 wins... If a defender scores and his side wins there's often a very good chance of him winning PB but if a player loses and doesn't score i'll be questioning the system much more...

    In hindsight I wish I got on Espanyol after hearing Ronny & Casemiro was not playing with Kroos & Modric both out but would have probably punted on Piatti so glad I didn't take the risk!!

  • @dannypea I liked the look of moreno too. I wasn't asking ramos to be made def pb winner. Was just apoplectic because there was a 70 point swing between the two in the last 1 minute. Yes it all adds up but in the heat of the moment you don't always do the math. :)

  • @Noirx4

    Tbf you were probably 30 seconds from Ramos winning it!!!!!! :-/

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