Safe holds for the bonus

  • With today being the last day of the 10% bonus, and the 5% bonus starting tomorrow, we are already seeing drops in the big players who people threw their money into the second the bonus was announced. I can only deduce that those traders have already made more than the 10% they would stand to gain from the bonus, so have cashed out early.

    With lots of money thrown into these players, and also cheap player with low spreads (which will likely be ISd the second the bonus period ends, causing big price drops), where are the safest places to put your money for the bonus?

    I have reinvested some money i had withdrawn from the index over the past 9 months, and was only interested in securing the bonus and not losing out to big drops - i can do without the big cap app and then the fear of losing it all when everyone dumps immediately following the bonus period.

    As such, i focused my investment on defenders with PB averages of 100+. Most of these players have very stable prices, or have been falling slightly over the last few months and are perhaps due a rise. They might be less sexy than some of the big name holds, but i think my money is pretty safe in them. I intend to take the bonus, make 1-2% in IPDs and then sell of gradually between now and Christmas.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for safe bonus holds? Who is going to be protected from the post-bonus drop-off?

    My bonus picks:

    Andy Robertson
    Ryan Sessegnon (the one non-defender, but i feel his price is unlikely to drop dramatically and could go up a little as he returns to fitness/approaches his Spurs debut).

  • @Wotabeast

    You can add many starting goalkeepers & some long term injury absentees like Ascensio & a few non-PB transfer targets who are likely to spike in January.

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