Clement Depres

  • Just spending the last of my bonus money and I've stumbled across this fella after hours of research. He suffered an ACL in January after scoring 2 goals in the game and hasn't played since. He is due back next month and has signed a contract extension in March until June 2022.

    He played 17 games last season before injury 13 from off the bench and scored 4 goals. He's 24 years of age and although his stats aren't mind blowing Nimes giving him an extended contract whilst out injured indicates to me they rate him.

    A very low risk investment for a striker priced at 27p.

  • I am on at 25p! I expect he can reach 30p+ with a goal!

  • Fingers crossed mate. Mid 30's is the least I would expect comparing him to other strikers in that league.

  • @Pagey74

    Held for a month and so and agree with all your comments. Seems a sound prospect. Tend to jump on injured players as a strategy and thought there seemed some good potential here at decent value. Whilst historical data not mind blowing, couple of goals on his return, hopefully in October, could create further interest. 🤞

  • @Dazza Think he's a great value especially being a youngish striker.

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