Andreas Christensen value at 77p (50p IPO)

  • Okay so this is a bit of a pump but I genuinely believe Christensen is great value at 77p for a few reasons.

    1. IPO was high at 50p, most players who have been on the index for over a year were IPO'd at around 20p or less, I think his price would be about right if he was IPO'd at those low prices but most traders won't know he had a high IPO. There's not much risk at just 27p above his IPO, I think capital appreciation is much likelier than drops.

    2. As a starter for Chelsea and Denmark he has the CL and the Euros/qualifying in addition to the PL, plenty of chances for PB which he has already won twice. I think he will improve his PB now being a consistent starter which he wasn't under Sarri, when he was a consistent starter on loan at Gladbach he had the odd goal in him with 7 in 82 appearances. I don't think it will take too long for him to get another PB win, even a goal would give him a decent rise.

    3. Great age at 23, he's got so many years at the top level ahead of him in which time there will be dividend increases. He's already good but I think he has the potential to be one of the top 5-10 CB's in Europe in the next few years.

    Full disclosure I hold over 2000 and see him as solid 3 year hold, fair pump or not?


  • @NallyCat didn't realise he was so cheap tbh, similar bracket to Lindelöf in terms of age and European football plus the Euro's etc. My only worry would be that I have a feeling Chelsea may end up favouring Tomori longer term or even potentially signing someone. However, I do think European centre backs seem to represent so much better value on FI. I hold Lindelöf so not sure I'd hold both, but may keep an eye on him. Decent pump

  • I was going to include a few similar priced/aged CB's, Lindelof (9p IPO), Chambers (20p IPO) and Andersen (30p IPO), they all look priced about right at 74p but they've had rises bigger rises compared to Christensen's 27p rise, he's won more PB than them (all 3 have 1 PB win) and I think he's the best player there.

  • i like this defender but hes very slight. Not going to dominate at the back like a vidic

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