Bonus Rules for the 5% Second Bonus

  • Reading the rules of the 2nd Bonus can I clarify that my logic is correct.I have no new external funds to put in but if I sell £3000 if futures before tonight and then buy £3000 back in before October 18th I would still qualify for the 5%..Or does the 2nd Bonus only count for extra funds placed from when the first bonus started...I hope that makes sense

  • @Scott-M I could be wrong but my understanding was that if you do withdraw £3000 you would then lose the 10% bonus you would gain on that in the 1st bonus

  • For the 5% its just net buys from the first to the 18th. So yes, if you sold all your port before midnight tonight and invested it all tomorrow; everything you invested tomorrow would be eligible for the 5% bonus. Obviously you wouldn’t get anything for the 10% bonus period since your net buys would be negative.

  • @CJ0101 Yes I kinda gave up on the first bonus as I have no new money available..I planned to sell my IPD part of my portfolio anyway as the 30 days has nearly come up...I therefore thought if I did it this way I would lose my Normall 2% commission and gain 5% in bonus therefore start next month's round 3% up...Thanks for help 😀

  • @Scott-M yes you can sell now and use that money for the 5% bonus. It's not deposit based at all.. Simply net buys in each period

  • @Vespasian32 thanks for response

  • @Scott-M

    Just don't sell any of my players please and buy them all tomorrow


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