Frank Acheampong

  • I posted this on Slack first, you guys should sign up because there is a lot of valuable info on there.

    I think I have found a player that is ridiculously underpriced. I am a massive fan of Chinese football and there is a player there on 100k a week, 25 years old and has got 26 goals and 7 assists in 51 appearances. He averages a goal every 89 mins according to whoscored. They signed him from Anderlecht around 3 years ago and he has been excellent over there. He has played in the Europa League and got 7 goals and 3 assists in 15 starts for Anderlecht.

    I saw the rise of Emmanuel Boateng and for me this guy is a better player, both are decent but Frank Acheampong is absolutely rapid. I think he is the 12th fastest player on FIFA lol and he scores for fun.

    I found him at 12p and there is literally nobody of his profile around that price in terms of age, ability and his output. Any links back to Europe or any team playing in Europa or CL will see his price fly. This is a long term hold for me and if he keeps performing the way he is, the links will surface sooner rather than later.

  • Good pump someone dumped a truck load on fair play mate 👍

    Come again did you say “I’m a massive fan of Chinese football” never heard that one before

  • I've hopped on too, damn wish I was on before that other guy made his price jump

  • @jay

    Haha, One on my jobs is doing analysis on the CSL. If you watch enough of the football you become a fan.

    Frank Acheampong is one of the fastest players in the world and is exciting to watch. I saw the Boateng rise and was fuming I did not get on first.

    Then I saw Frank @.12p and was in shock.

  • Acheampong is he a similar player to Carrasco that others are talking about in other threads?

  • @Doug-s

    Nah, Carrasco is more technically gifted and is also more likely to leave in the next window. Completely different types of players.

    Acheampong's biggest asset is his speed, he has the pace to make an impact in any game but technically, while decent, he is not the best. Scores a lot of goals and gets assists.

    This is a long term hold with a lot upside available if I am right. I definitely think there will be rumours, if not this window coming, the window after. They had to give him £100k a week to get him to stay in January.

    I hold both btw.

  • He has a 5p spread, which is absolutely huge for a 26p player.

    It should be no more than 2p, but one person buying a massive number of futures has probably increased the spread, as FI guards against a pump and dump.

    He’s one of those players who is basically valueless at the moment, but just one credible media article linking him with a move to a PB club and i’m sure he’ll fly up to 50p.

  • @ScoutScout cheers I have futures in Carrasco I'm happy to take a punt on Acheampong, I'm not clued up on Chinese or south American football, but the way a few players have risen due to hope and anticipation of a move I'd be silly not to.
    If it doesn't work out nevermind but if it does virtual beers for you good sir 🍺

  • In 2016 Klopp tried to get him to liverpool, bet he wished hed gone, a nice champions league medal maybe

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    12th fastest player on FIFA haha

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