Dividend % per annum

  • How much in terms of % of your total port would you say is a good amount of dividends to aim for in a year? Obviously people chase CA over PB or IPD but what % would you class as a good dividend year for you?

  • When looking at your dividends you also need to subtract the amount of commission you have paid out.

    In my case i have paid out £500 more in Commission than i have earned in Dividends in the time i have been on here so the % is irrelevant to me.

    It might be different for other traders though depending on their strategy.

  • I'm just coming up to a year on the index and currently dividends make up about 7% of my ports profit. Obviously that would be more if I had to sell up and pay commission.

    I've earned about £5 more on divs than I've paid out in commission.

    If you played the IPD game you'd expect it to be higher.

    If a large percentage of your port was invested in the premium MB players then you'd expect it to be higher.

    I think I do alright for finding value PB friendly players. But if you do that then it brings nice cap app which dwarfs the actual PB divs they earn.

    Talk has always been that one day cap app will get harder and earning divs will become more important.

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    joined june 2nd ive paid £39 commission and altogether div earnings are £439..no idea what % that is as i was out of school more than i was in it.

  • I've earned 7% in dividends in 5 months. I don't get people comparing dividends to commission and think the 2 figures have nothing at all to do with each other. I do quite a bit of trading so pay quite a bit of commission on profitable trades. That commission doesn't have anything to do with the dividends I earn

  • @Advinculas-Index why do you deduct commish in relation to divs?

    My first few months I was trading all day every day with no thoughts to divs... Make quick cap ap and sell... So my commission was high, divs low... Just a couple hundred in ipds

    When I started focusing on divs more I bought the frequent winners and just left them... Not buy and sell very much. I still had half my port assigned for cap ap buying/selling.

    So my divs are now £3200... About 2800 of which since start of media madness... 2000+ to pogba and neymar alone who I haven't sold. So £0 commission really applies to my dividend pot.

    I would think this is common for most holding diverse port... Dividend winners for medium/long term... Not costing commission but not making ridiculous cap ap.

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