MB points transparency needed.

  • Lots of uncertainty now with what stories count etc. Some low scores recently. Scores changing on individual players during the day, up and down. Would like to see a raw score (all media counted) then a final score after FI have intervened. Just to remove any concerns about what stays as points and whether this is fair per player, and how much meddling is done by the ones whose pockets are affected.

    Anyone know if there is an independent website that calculates MB by using the same press scanner? Be interesting to compare.

  • Yeh 320 won it yesterday with hardly any stories counted after midday...
    Pogba got to 310 at 8.30...all same stories still show but score is now 290
    Silva fiasco where his MB wasn't removed but mendys was and the Ozil car jack stories were removed with lots of commonality

    Now they are opening mb up tomorrow... Gona be so many glitches.

  • @Westy strongly agree with this the breakdown is gibberish hundreds of stories are missed and we don’t even know if the winners are actually correct

  • Essential that they sort it. Even if you've got dozens of the usual pb suspects it's still a bit of a lottery. If u cant have faith in the MB system that's a worry for me

  • Ross Barkley's got stories counted today and hes outside the 200.

  • It just needs to be done manually in my view, perhaps the next day for greater accuracy. The sources need to be clearly accountable and transparent (We honestly cannot have ten stories from the same author at the Daily Express all saying the same click bait nonsense in the space of ten minutes or so as it currently does).

    Its a major flaw in the FI product that needs addressing. This is urgent as it just looks amateur and corrupt to most people if they are totally honest (And dont just hold hundreds of Neymars)

    A case could even be made to ditch MB entirely I think, perhaps to fund dividend rises for PB players (But that's a seperate conversation).

  • @MickTurbo said in MB points transparency needed.:

    Ross Barkley's got stories counted today and hes outside the 200.

    Jorginho is in the top 200 now and has 100MB showing on his profile, but he doesn't appear in the rankings.

    Jorginho took penalties off Barkley so I can only assume Barkley has taken media rankings off Jorginho in return.

    Seriously though, I hope this is just a result of media opening up to the entire index and everything will be good tomorrow.

  • Is MB still opening up to the whole index tomorrow? I can't find any official confirmation...?

  • @Metropolis said in MB points transparency needed.:

    Is MB still opening up to the whole index tomorrow? I can't find any official confirmation...?

    Yeah it is. FI customer service confirmed it to me via email earlier.

  • @Yellow it’s gonna be an absolute sham they just about cope with 200 never mind around 3000

  • Why are the mbs so low last couple days ? Have they changed something ?

  • @Chap not sure occasionally a low score is just a slow day but the scores have been very low on a daily basis they must have altered something as it doesnt seem right at all

  • A score of 630 winning MB on a day when Utd played Arsenal seems way off to me - you would expect to see a winning MB score well over 1000 on a day like that. Something has definitely changed.

  • If one of my players is in the running I'll sometimes check newsnow. Yesterday there was nowt at all about VVD after about 4 30pm, having lead most of the day, very little about pog apart from the usual sky pundit slating which scored 40 points, and nowt about Tierney apart from arsenal fans not happy he doesnt start.

    I mean there were stories about all 3 but they were from ineligible sources or they didnt use full names

  • So crouch has had his pts removed for the story 'crouch says what kane will demand' or whatever he said... But the same story is still showing for kane. I don't seriously believe the guy doing it manually wouldn't remove from both at same time. Or in fact that that's how the system works... You'd think the story gets removed in totality rather than on a player by player basis.

    Feels so shady atm... The low scores, which stories count... Timing of when some are taken down (like letting mctominay lead by a mile and taking one story off... Then an hour later removing another that had been there all day)

    This is going to be bigger than the moon landing at this rate.

  • @Vespasian32 My guess would be it's been removed from Crouch as he is retired and therefore no longer eligible for dividends? Just a guess but cant see any other reason it would be removed for Crouch and not for Kane.
    If that is the reason then they really need to be crystal clear that's the case as we are going to get some very high profile players retiring in the next year or 2 and holders need to be very clear what they are or aren't entitled to from a divs perspective at the point of retirement - Zlatan, Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi will all potentially feature heavily in the media after their retirement but if they don't get any MB from the moment they retire that makes a huge difference to exit strategies.

  • @janner73 yeh very bad, if crouch isn't eligible for anything I shouldn't be allowed to buy him. Bookies won't let you bet on redrum!

  • @Vespasian32 According to their own terms and conditions you cant buy him lol

    When a footballer retires or passes away we will remove that footballer the day after the footballer retires or passes away from the Top 200 and/or the Squad Players. Your Bets will lapse, and you will not be able to place any further Bets on that footballer.

    By allowing to buy with an IS price of zero and no chance to win dividends they are just taking money with zero chance of a winning bet.

  • @janner73 oh dear they really shouldn’t have crouch even listed on the index. They dont seem to be able to keep up with their own product at the moment and MB is really a mess at the moment. Im not even seeing much price movement on players winning MB like we used to. That 2p dividend just isn’t enticing enough

  • Im starting to wonder if we would have been better without a share split. Yea they can claim they gave us all a dividend rise but only to those who held dividend earners in the first place. Anyone new joining now comparing dividends before and after the share split will see nothing but a reduction. I mean theres no denying 2p is less than 5p. The players at the top end may be cheaper but the majority of mid to low priced players are actually the same if not more expensive than they were prior to the split so now to me dividends look very low

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