Ive Got A Player That Is Underpriced And Set To Explode But I'm Keeping Schtum About Him

  • Twitter subject. The feeling was if you have a player who looks like he's going to fly at some stage you should just keep it to yourself. Broadcasting it would cause said player to rise and the value is gone.

    For me it's a shame talking about players is frowned upon as pumping. One of the key parts of this FI lark is selecting players for your port and I value considered pumping. 'Just relax and buy Paul Pogba' goes on but do your own research.

  • @Dalien-Smith I think most people will keep quiet on a player until they have built their position that they want. The time people generally mention a player, especially on twitter, is when they've already bough their hundreds (or thousands) and they don't want to wait for the player to fly they want to make the profit now. The days of finding value and slowly building a positioning on a player that's value are long gone.
    I enjoy talking about players too - but chances are if you talk about a player he's gonna rocket and the value goes quickly. That's just the way it is now.

  • To date I've taken a position on a player made a solitary investment. Schedule where I think his ceiling might be and get out. However I'm aware that others take a more gradual approach of starting small in a player and adding slowly over time a significant amount. It's this approach I can appreciate why some get narked over pumping/informed player discussion but we all have our different approaches I guess but there's some real strong anti player discussion. I don't feel it productive regardless of your position. Most players fly on real life things such as goals.

  • @Dalien-Smith yeh I joined twitter this week and saw those tweets... I was going to pile in but thought its too early for me to show up and steam straight into an argument with an established figure. But I thought same as you... Tips are useful, some people will buy someone shit pump and dump... But majority buy players they think are worth value... I scour the whole market, buy who I think is best... For reasons that fit my risk appetite, diversity etc and then if someone is asking for players of that same criteria... It makes sense to tip someone you've put your own money in.

  • @Dalien-Smith Twitter has too much influence now that's the problem.
    I own Bobichon at Angers and his price was flying last week, check Twitter and its a big pump on him, of course he then doesn't even start on the weekend. The problem is you get people who are buying for no other reason than he's been mentioned on Twitter so they don't really understand why they hold and at the first sign of a drop they bail out.
    I don't think there's any solution to it but we all should be aware that Twitter has a huge influence on the market outside of the times matches are actually being played.

  • I think genually people buy a player and think he is good value and then just share it with others.

    Twitter is full of extreme pumping though with players who have absolutely no merit to be bought and to be honest it’s anybody’s fault for buying with looking into it.

    If you see a ‘share’ or a ‘pump’ it really doesn’t take long to investigate a player to see what situation is.

    I got done last year with someone posting a transfer story which was a year old ! I bought the player off the ‘tip’ lesson learned......

  • @janner73 The important message is do your own research. It doesn't get translated enough. If you get into this you learn that. The flyby Bobichon investors probably new but I'd like to think that these guys have learnt from this. You will get stung from pumpers but you learn from it and move on. Getting stung from doing this has made me a better trader here.

  • @Dalien-Smith Agree - those that don't will increasingly get burnt. I wasn't stung on Bobichon cos ive held since 29p but did offload on the Twitter pump as I knew he went too high in value.

    My problem with twitter is a lot of people don't discuss players, they pump players. There absolutely is a difference - I enjoy discussion, I don't enjoy "you have to buy this player" pumps and there is too much of that on twitter.

  • Twitter is powerful but essential. For all it is it's getting people talking about it and getting them interested in the product. I've learned to filter the less helpful contributors so it's not all that bad for me.

    The angry guy on there(I'm sure regular followers know who I mean). He's always scolding us for selling our shares in the top 10 players. He's not too happy today but alot of it is pantomime. Some great informed contributors on there. I look forward to seeing what they have to put up but ultimately it should be yourself pressing the buy button.

  • @Dalien-Smith yea, there are some brilliant twitter accounts sharing stats on players.

  • I've managed to avoid FI related Twitter content the entire time since I joined unless it is referenced elsewhere. I think as with most things with Twitter that everyone is so vociferous in their opinions it may end up clouding my own judgement as to which players to buy.

  • @Vespasian32 you should of give 'em hell man. Post on here when you're gonna start going to war and I'll make an account and start watching 😂👍

  • @Antierror Ye there's some real astute and knowledgeable content on Twitter. We hear of the negative stuff on there but we rarely hear of the good stuff. I take time to make sure I like and re tweet the good stuff. Big up to these guys.

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