• With the rumours that Dortmund have admitted defeat in letting sancho go what's people thoughts on his price?. Surely a move to the prem would see him spike massively considering his price playing in the German league???

  • @Jamiearsenal93 as long as it Barca, Real Madrid or the Premier league it should see his Media chances vastly increased

  • He'll be in the thick of the media all next summer with the Euro's and transfer rumours

  • I think at his current price, the expectation that he will move to Utd/back to the Premier League is already built into it. The only thing that can keep his price as is, is a move to Utd, anywhere else and his price would drop, even if it is a slight drop

  • I sold up last week with the intention to get back in a couple of months. Before the DB most players were in decline including Sancho. At the moment he doesn't pick up enough dividends to justify as the second most expensive player on the index. Yes there is future dividends, but to be at his current price he needs to be delivering now. To put it into perspective, a great outcome would be that in 9 months time he hits similar levels of MB to Neymar. Well even as a guaranteed dividend earner, Neymar mostly hangs around the 7.50 mark. It shows that those future dividends are already built strongly into his price so doubt he will go up all that much. If anything, I think he will gradually decline over the next month or two just like we saw before the DB was announced. It's a gamble on my part, but I think he could drop down towards the 6.20 mark if no increase in dividends is announced, and then will buy back in

  • He'll definitely rise. A move could come in January if you're prepared to wait. If it is Utd and he hits the ground running, he'll fly and may become the new dividend king.


  • @Londoner Definitely won't move across in Jan … summer yes but not mid season surely.

  • Sancho to United can't see it happening, but there will be MB on it.

  • Absolutely no chance he is moving in January. How often do big name players move mid season? No way will Dortmund let a key player who has recently signed a new contract just go. The other slight worry is that next Summer there is going be lots of competition for MB. There are several big name players who recently didn't get their move and will be potentially picking up big headlines. They can't all win.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor .. so its all eyes on Zlatan and Rooney then ?!

  • Won't move January be end of season after euros somebody just ploughed 2 grand into him.

  • His move will be next summer if he has a good Euro's.

    It would be the peak time to sell him on the back of a load of hype for Dortmund.

    Therefore, he's a long term hold for those with plenty of disposable cash.

    Those who don't have the disposable cash should probably think twice about investing, as he's already the number 2 spot on the index priced at £6.85 & you are likely to get minimal dividends at best before the summer tournament begins.

    If you have held for 8-12 months you can probably just sit on him as you won't have invested that much capital.

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