5% bonus effect?

  • With the 10% bonus there was crazy activity.. . Not much with the 5% rather for some reason many players down.. .

  • The money for the 5% bonus should come in the middle of this month.

    Today's the day people take profit & those who overstretched their budget take back out what they need.

    Sit back, smoke a cigar & wait for the storm to blow over. 👌

  • Today was all about taking money off the table after mega gains past week and a bit.

    The losses today are really minor considering what we've made.

    As Ericali said money will be spent this month but let's just take a deep breath for now.

  • My port is up today, although bizarrely when the 10% offer kicked in it was the £5+ players who boomed, whereas today's 5% kick in has caused an uplift in my sub-£1 players.

  • Down 0.06%, think i can handle that!

  • @ocs123 I'm up too. 💰

    Not much (about £80) but better than a kick in the ⚽⚽'s

  • Ditto....been going up for the last few hours thankfully but seems to be on only 3 players.

  • Last 24hrs down 0.73%

    Down mainly to Greenwood, Pepe, Abraham and Tierney.

    Last hour has stabilised and turning positive.

  • Just buy 3017 Ronaldo! It’s easy if you don’t think about it.

  • I'm up since the 5% came in. Largely cause I hold some of today's big risers such as Burke, Kroos, Bergwijn, Harit and Cengiz Under

  • I’m actually quite surprised at how well the market has held up - the 5% bonus isn’t going to bring the same influx of investment but has done a good job of keeping everything stable.

  • The market has reacted pretty much as i expected with my port. Top players minor drop, injured players rising and other holds as normal. I am actually down 1.05% today but that's down to a player (under 40p) i have a lot of futures in (stagnant all bonus period) dropping 15% in last few hours. Something that could've happened any day and will recover, so not related to the bonus at all. It's a minor kick in the balls but overall it's been quite decent! Be interesting to see the footie at midnight

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