Willian good value for money?

  • New to this so any comments are grateful, When you look at the prices of other similar players to Willian he seems relatively good value? Plays for big English club, if he can nail down his place in starting 11 could pick up PB, good chance of going to World Cup and mourinho seems to love him, did at Chelsea and was full of praise of him when they played united. So small potential of a transfer (very small). But anyways is this the right way to look at it or am I going about it the wrong way? Cheers

  • He was 0.95 for about 5 months (i purchased him at that price in October) and I sold him recently at 1.10 thinking it was a hard slog getting to that!!!! since then (sods law) he's gone up nearly 30p in a fortnight but whilst he's at his highest price in a year, I think the transfer speculation on him backed with a few good recent performances and his price should rise further in value and I certainly think he's worth upwards of 1.70... The only doubt which I've noticed is that he is a 'form' player... IE he has spells of doing well for a few weeks at a time then going quiet without a goal (or even game) for a long period.... and he does have this 'China' speculation that could make an exciting investment into a negative return????

    No doubt speculation with Real Madrid or Man Utd is healthy though and as long as he's playing well his value will rise!!!

  • @dannypea Glad I’m not the only who seems to sell players then all of a sudden they fly. My comparison was him and zaha £1.75, that’s what I would of thought Willian’s price to roughly be. Suppose he will always be linked with China as there has been a trend of Brazilians going there

  • Sometimes he can be a form player but a couple of times that form had carried through for ten to fifteen games. I'm not sure about his prospects about starting for Brazil but I'm more worded about the Chinese but that's future lights problem.

  • I looked at him a few weeks ago and nearly went for him. He's never really got anywhere on a pricing level which is a surprise. After his jump I wouldn't go near him.

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