• Its gonna be iinteresting. Hes got a hell of a divs haul which ppl will want to claim, but they still dont outweigh the spread which means ppl have a decision to make. But yes, rises like that are generally followed by a fall

  • What price tomo ? How much expect a drop ?

  • Not one for price predictions me @Chap but I'd be prepared to say <£2.58 as the day wears on

  • @Chap said in Gnabry:

    What price tomo ? How much expect a drop ?

    I think he will drop 5%ish as people list him to market tomorrow. If you bought him tonight at more than £2.40 then you will struggle to IS tomorrow for profit.

  • @MickTurbo Those who got on early tonight, around the £2 mark, will have no issues ISing him. Current IS price is £2.37.
    2% commission brings it down to £2.32 but add the 4p IPDs to make it £2.36.
    18% profit for those who got on early.
    And that doesn't take into account all those who owned already at <£2. They'll get the PB on top and I'm sure enough will then IS too.
    I can't see many buying him at £2.58 so IS is likely by some.

    My prediction is he'll drop to £2.35 or so tomorrow and then maybe recover to £2.40

  • @dean73 oh go on then, 3 days ago he was about £1.80, hes up 78p since then, I predict he'll have lost 2/3 of those gains, therefore i predict £2.06 by thursday, and faster if somebody has a blinder tomorrow 👍

  • @MickTurbo It's all a bit of fun seeing as I do not hold so not at all concerned about how much of a nosedive he takes.
    I forgot they reset Haaland with the name change so can't check but he rocketed about the same as Gnabry with his hattrick then fell about 25p or so before steadily climbing back up.
    I think Gnabry will do the same. PB league and scoring shitloads for Germany might mean he doesn't drop as much as you expect.

  • Roll Up! Roll Up!
    Come and have your guess.
    At midnight Wednesday i.e. 24hrs from now, what buying price will Gnabry be?

    Guesses so far:
    £2.51 Jay
    £2.44 Yellow ("5%ish")
    £2.35 Me
    £2.30 Janner73
    £2.22 ScouseSte
    £2.15 ChrisC
    £2.06 MickTurbo

    Closed to further entrants

  • I sold him last week @1.8x, disaster. 😂

  • @dean73 £2.51 the Mb points should flow in tomorrow all the tweeting and comments good chance for Mb tomorrow night look at Mctominay today was up there. North London is red

  • @dean73 £2.22

  • @dean73 £2.30

  • Added. Last orders please, gentlemen!

  • @dean73 £2.15

  • That'll do, pig. That'll do.
    On your marks... Get set... 😂

  • @dean73 £2.47

  • @Yellow said in Gnabry:

    I think he will drop 5%ish as people list him to market tomorrow

    Strange this is how the market used to work but it seems to have changed somewhat recently with proven PB performers tending to hold far more of their gains than they used to (& those gains are often also larger), I suppose exaggerated by the deposit bonus money currently looking for a home but the principle still holds true. So I wouldn't be surprised if his price held up, at least for the 30 day IPD eligibility period but if he wins (or even come close) again soon it my well rise further. I think of players like Pulger & Sensi who have continued to rise on good PB showing & matrix compatibility.

    Still 251p at 8.30am & I think he peaked around 255p when the 4th went in last night. Another reason he might hold up is I don't think he will be that widely held across FI. I bought him last season @ 89p but he was a frustrating hold as often behind Robben & Ribery but it was clear they were going & he would get a chance this year but wow how he grasped it. To score 4G & 1A on a CL night, against decent EPL opposition, inflicting Spurs record defeat ever in any competition & almost breaking the PB matrix with a record score all means he's likely to become a buy & hold player than just a PB winning trade IMHO

    If an ENGLISH player of similar age & ability had done this imagine their price,Sancho, Sterling for example, all very decent players with big futures but I know which player offers the best value as an FI investment, even after such a rapid price rise.

  • It's official... GNABRY is the GOAT!!!!

    Highest ever PB score!!!

    For me he's always been a player on the fringe of breaking into that next 'top' level of footballers which has probably had an effect on his price overall.. the fact he's been in England as a youngster, did ok without pulling up stumps and is now at a German stronghold in Bayern (ie he won't be likely to get a move elsewhere anytime soon) i think does effect the excitement and anticipation in buying him.,.. I held a year or two back and got out on small profit after finding the consistency levels are not always what you would want of a top player but form like this and now not playing second fiddle to the likes of Robben & Ribery he certainly has a chance to become huge for Bayern and Germany and if he keeps scoring the likes of Barca, Real Madrid even Liverpool and City i'm sure will be interested before long!!!

    I certainly see more value and promise in him to come!!!

  • Ask yourself how often is he going to score 4 goals in a game? Probably never again, so now may be the worst time to buy into him.

    Personally if I was interested in him, i’d wait 3-4 weeks until the hype has died down or he’s picked up a minor injury and then buy on a dip.

  • @ocs123 Depends on how many times he plays against Spurs 😜

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