Moise Kean

  • i can hardly think of anything positive to make me keep him at the minute can anyone argue otherwise?

  • Really thought he would kick on nicely at Everton , but have been disappointed.

    He's young and already got champions League and international experience which ar the positives. Keeping for now.

  • @G27 I sold reluctantly after 3rd game on the bench. Made a tidy profit but just not getting the game time.

  • ive seen all of my profit slowly dwindle - the only positive i can see is if he makes the euro squad...but without game time that isnt gonna happen. i have a rough plan of 12-18month holds - i cant see him increasing too much in this time unless calvert lewin gets injured

  • He will rocket if he scores a couple of goals in one game.

  • The games i've seen he looks busy, he's been getting half chances and shots blocked, is in the right areas but things just aren't falling... I think a goal will come but the longer his drought lasts the more it becomes an issue as even the most confident striker in the world would feel it..

    Still 2.09 which for a striker who's not scored in 6 Premier League games is far too high for me to get in on... But i do think when he does score he should go on a bit of a run... My only concern is that before then the Everton Manager will get the sack and the bloke who replaces him doesn't see Kean in his plans????

  • He’s already loads more than Italy’s two main strikers and has a transfer behind him, see very little value in the chap.

  • I sold post ss because he absolutely rocketed. Wouldnt buy now personally. Hes the price he is because of potential as a player, but for him to sustain or increase he needs to become a top PB hold. Hes already in a PB league, hes already had his breakout, hes already scored o the international stage, hes a Penny more than almada who has all them things to come

  • A young player with promise who is playing in a struggling and frustrating side. Everton fan by the way. It's hard to hit the ground running when players around you aren't performing and the manager doesn't seem to know his arse from his elbow.
    However, the way Everton are they could easily go on a 10 match unbeaten run and everyone talking of them as a possible top 4 side.
    It's as if Silva doesn't know his best side and there's too much chopping and changing.
    I know it doesn't answer the question, but at his current price he looks undervalued on his potential. No good if you bought into him higher and he's currently in the red though.

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