Peter Crouch

  • Currently 4th on today’s MB

  • @Advinculas-Index .. haha, I literally just noticed the same thing, if I see him on the risers list today, the worlds gone mad!!

  • Obviously FI will resolve this and I suspect it will happen from time to time...

    More importantly for me I would like to ask "WHO STILL HOLDS PETER CROUCH"?????

    Surely someone somewhere dead or alive who's not logged in for six month still holds him (especially as he's still higher in value than many others)... I presume FI would just close the bet and say Crouch is retired so you lose all money... But how about if retirement is announced at the cut off like the 0.27 he's currently at then FI pay the amount back into account? That way the punter doesn't totally lose the bet, they can simply move it on to something else and should Crouch come out of retirement he can be added quite simply back???

    I worry that one day someones going to lose a lot of money on a retirement and a few months later the player is back which wouldn't be fair???? Which is also the reason i suspect that FI don't immediately cancel them?

  • @dannypea Yes no point them pulling him out of the index, for the risk and hassle to players and themselves.
    It helps those players who do not login at least. Why not. The bet expires after 3 years anyway.

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