Jan Vertonghen

  • @MickTurbo search on Twitter, who knows if it's true

  • One things for sure something has caused a rift in the squad which will raise suspicions over the reasons

  • @MickTurbo said in Jan Vertonghen:

    what u heard like?

    Would have thought a Danish EPL superstar might have been able to do a bit better but clearly wasn't doing enough. Explains why Vertongen has been looking tired.

  • This might be something that could bring media divs and cap app, nice one @ocs123

  • @MickTurbo ..Agreed.. A new rollercoaster?!.. Im onboard..

  • I think people are speculating a bit too much on this. Found an article from yesterday saying, that Vertonghan liked a twitter video of him and Eriksen bantering while walking to training.

  • @Antierror it may be crap, it may be the case that eriksen was sat in the wardrobe, not bothered, I just want the divs

  • @Antierror maybe he’s trying to build bridges and reminiscing over the good old times before he crossed the line

  • anyone know when the photo of him taken with a black eye was from??? wasn't sure if this was an old one or not? ie a few weeks ago as since 'the story' allegedly happened as they have at least won a couple of games recently....?

    Interesting Vertonghen was thrown out in front of the media last night though and as we know Eriksen has not been playing well and is still on the fringe of the team looking very unsettled and unhappy... they say there is no smoke without fire...

    This kind of thing could be quashed quite quickly though if is not true!!

  • The most important thing is that Eriksens wife is a rocket.

  • @dannypea it was all over WhatsApp a fortnight ago.

    Seems nothing is stopping Eriksen going to Real. What's his price gonna look like there? He hardly gets media, arguably will get more.. I don't hold but it's tempting to get back on. January rumours maybe?

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  • This post is deleted!

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