Jadon Sancho vs. Dwight McNeil

  • I have this constant battle in my head and i know this sort of thing gets asked 1000 times on the forum - using Sancho & Mcneil as examples and seeing what happens to a player when they score a few goals these days i ask myself the age old question on whether to buy cheaper players under £2 or £4/5+ players. i'm not particularly arguing a case for either but am interested to hear what you think.

    for the example lets say Sancho is £7 and McNeil is £1.50 and i have £350 to spend
    this buys me

    50 x futures Sancho @ £7
    233 x futures McNeil @ £1.50

    i get that this is not the full picture as dividends are relevant, however at this end of the market where i can only afford 50 futures, are they really that relevant? as a percentage yes but as a true value maybe not.

    question - if my aim is to double my money (£350 profit) who out of the 2 players is likely to double in value first... sancho getting to £14 or McNeil getting to £3?

  • McNeil...

  • @G27 difficult as they’ll both have transfer spec McNeil to a bigger club & Sancho back to the prem. Less money will make McNeil rise quicker but Sancho will get you PB in that time but for the amount you’re getting it’s maybe not worth it. I hold both so if it that was my money I’d go with McNeil in the hope he bangs a couple of goals against one of the big boys & rises then re-evaluate the circumstances

  • I do bang on about McNeil on here so I won’t miss this opportunity...! Haha.

    I watch him week in week out and he is a quality player. He’s been so unlucky not to score this season already, especially with a ridiculously good free kick which smashed the bar against Villa.

    He has already represented England, obviously not the full team yet, and he has stood out especially when playing for the under 20s. Even Southgate said how impressed with him he was and he was asked to train with the first team. I’m certain he will get a full England cap in the not so distant future.

    Hopefully he will stay at Burnley for years to come but I just can’t see it. We’ve never been a team to hold players back and a decent bid normally leads to a player leaving.

    So in a word to answer your question...McNeil!

  • Yeah i am a big fan.

    Hard to judge his PB scores when Burnley have such low possession, but if he moved to a bigger side then he could be one to rocket.

  • McNeil will grow faster, but Sancho could be a MB/PB monster if he moves to the PL. I hold both:



  • I’m another one for McNeil, was lucky enough to buy him when he IPO’d , well over 100% on him but still plenty of room to grow. I cant see Sancho growing much unless dividends are increased.

  • I think it's a wrong way to look at things. You are assuming a positive path... In which case why not have Paulo Oliveira... A 16p pb league player.

    So to your question... Who's more likely to double... Mcneil of course.

    But who would i buy... Sancho. Because im far more certain that sancho will go up in value and return divs.

    So you have to assign risk factors etc.

  • @Vespasian32 it's like Henderson v Neymar all over again!

  • @Vespasian32 said in Jadon Sancho vs. Dwight McNeil:

    Paulo Oliveira

    as i said i'm not particularly arguing eitherway. but your example of Paulo Oliveira is not comparable - its one of the reasons i picked someone like McNeil as it would be considered probable that he does take a 'positive path' rather than a 27 year old portuguese defender

    and as i mentioned - the relevant point regarding dividends, if can only hold a maximum of 50 futures, do they come as far into the equation... forget about percentages i'm talking about £

  • @G27 I had between 25 to 40 shares in Sterling, Kane and Sancho and sold them all during the last international break. For the potential returns in dividens it is far more worthwhile IMO to get more shares in a lower priced player.

    I spent that money on more than 100 shares each in players like Kroos and Chiesa who have had PB wins, and IPD players that have also increased in value.

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