Malen vs Havertz

  • Thought please....

    I hold a small amount of Kai Havertz and a small amount of Donyell Malen. I am becoming frustrated with Kai and thinking of selling him on and topping up on Havertz.

    Kai Havertz currently @£3.72
    Donyell Malen currently @£2.63

    Both 20 years of age and both in European club football comps and will of course be at the Euros.

    Thoughts please?

  • Malen is class. Regularly banging in goals and started for the Dutch in the recent fixtures. If his form continues surely a big January/summer move is on the cards.

  • I think you need to look at 'what' will drive their prices up... and what could lead to price drops???

    Havertz has a lot of PB opps coming up and with form could get a big move following speculation...

    Malen is outside PB but goals will continue to catch the eye and he also could get a big move and a lot of speculation to come?

    So your own strategy could be as much important? Do you want regular bonuses? Are you looking for longer sustained growth? or is it a quick quid movement you want before profiting on???? Who knows what the future holds for either but I expect both to improve in stock and in value over time so neither look like the most riskiest of investments??

  • @dannypea
    Long term holds is always my strategy, held both since beginning of the season...Malen profit up (60%), Havertz just moves within 4p/5p up 'and' down.
    But Malen is cheaper and in a non PB League so a transfer spec and possible move in summer would see him jump and if he carries on as he is currently for PSV + Euros...

    … I think I have just answered my own question out loud (lol).

  • @gball1975 hahahaha

    If you believe in both long term (like i do) invest... switch off and don't worry about any price movements...

    The only thing you need to be aware of is knowing 'IF' Malen is scoring goals.. if so no problem and 'IF' Havertz is playing well (a quick look on whoscored suggests he's averaging well over 7/10 a game) and again if he is then great....

    Then come back to the situation in the summer when both are key figures for their national teams and re-assess if you feel its time to cash out!!!!

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